Grado Civil Engineering with a year in France (MEng) Ingeniería Civil + 1 año en Francia

School of Engineering

School of Engineering

Cardiff University’s global community, reputation and partnerships are at the heart of its identity.

Our collaborative work with academic partners across the world produces research with real impact. From collaborating with researchers in China to tackle breast cancer to studying the genetics and demographics of mammals in our research centre in Borneo, here at Cardiff we’re working to tackle global challenges.

As an institution we have formal links with more than 35 countries including 38 partnerships with China, 16 in the US and 12 with Malaysia.

We are partners with ‘Santander Universities’ and the Fulbright and Marshall Commissions, allowing for teaching and other collaborations to flourish with North and South America.

Our thriving international st...

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  • Grado Civil Engineering with a year in France (MEng)



Typical A-level Offer
A-level Mathematics is required (or equivalent)

Typical WBQ Offer
Pass the Advanced Diploma and grades AA at A-level, one of which must be Maths

Typical Int Bacc Offer
32 - 36 points, including 5 in higher level Mathematics and a Science

Applications from those offering alternative qualifications are welcome

Salidas profesionales

Our graduates are mainly employed in the civil engineering industry with major consultancy and contracting firms, such as Sir Robert McAlpine, Ramboll, Arup and Mott McDonald. Typical roles include graduate civil engineer, site engineer or design engineer, and they are based throughout the UK as well as further afield.

A number of graduates have opted for further study, either at MSc or PhD level, at Cardiff as well as institutions across the UK and beyond.

Others have chosen to work for national and multinational companies: recent examples include companies in the financial, media and petrochemical sectors with destinations including Deloitte, PwC, Virgin and Shell. You will be attractive to a wide range of employers who are looking for graduates with good analytical, computing and management skills.


Civil Engineering at Cardiff offers you a highly regarded degree course at one of the top universities in this area with a wealth of exciting future career opportunities in designing and working with the built and natural environments, nationally and internationally. You will develop a thorough understanding of civil engineering theory, which will be backed up by practical application through laboratory and research work, field courses and design classes, enabling you to develop your career in any area of the Civil Engineering industry. You will also gain significant experience in a range of transferrable skills for whatever career path you choose.


The MEng programme is a Civil Engineering degree which leads to a higher qualification than the traditional BEng programme, and requires an additional year of study. The programme shares the first two years with the BEng programme, while you can use the final two years of study to expand and strengthen your knowledge in Civil Engineering. This offers you a quicker, more direct route to chartered engineer status than the BEng programme and has therefore become the preferred route to becoming a chartered engineer. By choosing the MEng you will benefit from advanced learning in design and management and an appreciation of the techniques required to manage and organise a multi-disciplinary engineering design project.

The MEng degree is fully accredited by the Institutions of Civil and Structural Engineers and satisfies the educational requirements to become a Chartered Engineer (CEng).
The MEng degree produces highly numerate, analytical and adaptable graduates and so is highly regarded by employers in Civil Engineering, the built and natural environment and many other professions. For example, our graduates may undertake careers in the Forces, the financial sector or other high-ranking professions where the skills obtained are highly valued. It is ideal preparation for further study (either at MSc or PhD level).

We are delighted to answer any queries you may have on our courses or the application process – please get in touch with us via the contact details provided.

The Year in Europe Programme
The Year in Europe programme is also an enhancement of the MEng programmes, whereby you will spend a year attending a Higher Education establishment in France. Your year in Europe is undertaken after completing your first three years of study in Cardiff, so the MEng programme will take five years to complete.
At Cardiff, we place a great emphasis on flexibility, and appreciate that you may be unsure of your future and which path to choose. If you are unable to decide which degree programme is the right one for you, you can change your course at a later date.

Course Structure:
One module from (Year in Europe only):
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