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    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)


The BBA Degree is a discipline connected with the social sciences, economics, finance, accounting, consultancy, auditing and marketing. During the course students learn to plan, organise, manage and lead organisations, efficiently administrating a company’s tangible and intangible resources so as to achieve the desired results.

The Degree in Business Management and Administration (BMA) is intended to train professionals capable of working in the fields of management, consultancy and appraisal at any type of organisation. During their university course, students develop an in-depth understanding of how every area of an enterprise operates and is organised. Knowledge which is supplemented by developing the necessary skills while at university to identify and anticipate opportunities, assign resources, organise information, select and motivate people, reach decisions, achieve the targets that have been set, and evaluate results. The distinctive features of the complementary training offered by CUNEF include such subjects as Information Technology, Personal Skills, Information Management and Business English.


First of all, students acquire a sound knowledge of enterprises, how they work and how they relate to the national and international economic context.
They secondly explore in greater depth the methods and techniques of business management and administration, giving them a thorough knowledge of how every area of an enterprise operates and is organised, allowing them to perform management and consultancy tasks at any type of firm. The training required to hold senior positions at national and international company departments in industry, trade, banking, insurance, development cooperation, etc.
Thirdly, students acquire knowledge in the field of the quantitative methods needed in a business practice: basic elements of linear algebra, calculus, financial mathematics, statistics and econometric models.


First Year

First Term

Derecho en la Empresa
Principles of Business Management
Economic History
Introduction to Economics
Mathemathics for Business I

Second term

Financial Accounting I
Statistics for Business I
Principles of Business Finance Administration
Mathemathics for Business II

Second year

First Term

Financial Accounting II
Derecho Mercantil I
International Economics
Financial Mathemathics
Industrial and Company Sociology

Second term

Managerial Accounting
Economía Española
Statistics for Business II
Organizational Design
Economic Policy
Sistema Fiscal I

Third year

First Term

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements
Human Resources Management
Principles of Marketing
Decision Making Methods
Valuation and Security Analysis

Second term

Decisiones de Financiación
Operations Management
Marketing Research
Sistema Fiscal II

Fourth year

First Term

Análisis de Datos
Analysis and Financial Planning
Consumer Behaviour
Consolidated Financial Statements*
Strategic Management
International Management of the Company*
Mercados Financieros Nacionales e Internacionales*
Prácticas Externas*

Second term

Contabilidad de Sociedades**
Derecho Mercantil II (Derecho Bancario y del Mercado de valores) **
Economy and bank management **
Gobierno, Responsabilidad Social y Sostenibilidad de la Empresa **
Banking and stock management**
Sistema Financiero Español **
Trabajo Fin de Grado


General Skills
GS1: Capacity to solve problems. Description: Find solutions and reach a fixed and decisive determination to resolve a query or problem.

GS2: Capacity for analysis and summary. Description: Study a topic, problem, case, article, exercise, etc. in detail, and summarise and compile the key elements.

GS3: Capacity for organisation and planning. Description: Understand how to plan the steps to be followed and/or structured to reach an objective, appropriately allocating the available material and human resources by assigning specific functions to each.

GS4: Capacity for communication and teamwork. Description: Understand how to convey information verbally and/or in writing. Collaborate and cooperate with others, giving the best of their skills to achieve team results. Accept and value the abilities of others, and aim for synergy with colleagues. Value differences and build relationships of respect and growth.

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