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    £9000 for EU and UK students
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
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    Reino Unido
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    3 Años
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Computer Animation Arts BA (Hons)


Computer Animation is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of creative endeavour and technical development. It is an exciting, fast-changing and rewarding area to be involved with. View an article by The Independent about studying Animation and the careers it can lead to.


Entry requirements:
320 to 340 tariff points, from 3 A-levels, including 120 points from one specified A-level, or equivalent qualifications. BTEC Extended Diploma: DDD. Also subject to


The course is ideal for people who are highly creative and have a passion to use and exploit the creative potential of state of the art computer technology
Students should demonstrate both intellectual and creative abilities
Applicants need to show an understanding of the animation industry
Students require strong technical drawing ability


Year 1 - Level C
Animation Principles 1: Practice & Theory
This unit will introduce the history and evolution of computer generated and controlled content in the 20th and 21st centuries. It also presents the intellectual, analytical skills, and observational skills working from the human form, an overview of computer animation development methodologies, principles and practises.

Computer Animation Preproduction
You will learn the principles and techniques of storytelling through scriptwriting and storyboarding, as well as the basic concepts of animation 3d software and the grammar and practice of scripting.

Computer Animation Production 1
This unit provides you with the fundamental building blocks that enable you to conceive, present and generate imaginative animated Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) projects. It will expose you to the principles and techniques of storytelling through scriptwriting and storyboarding.

Computing for Graphics
This unit is an introduction to computing and programming concepts that are commonly used in computer games, graphics and animation. The various techniques and concepts will be introduced in a way that demonstrates their relevance and application to computer graphics, animation, and games production.

Design for Animation 1: Practice & Theory
You will be introduced to the history and evolution of computer generated and controlled content in the 20th and 21st centuries, the cinematographic elements associated and the skills and practices applicable to and appropriate for CG content including film and games.

Mathematics for Computer Graphics 1
You will learn some of the fundamental mathematical ideas that are used in computer animation and computer games. This unit will provide you with the ability to select appropriate tools and techniques in the construction of geometric models and the realisation of computer graphics productions and to construct algorithms utilising the appropriate computer graphics techniques.

Year 2 - Level I
Computer Animation Production 2
This unit will introduce you to the principles and practices of team work and develop your creative skills through the production of a short visual sequence.

Computer Animation Arts Specialist Production
You will be able to specialise by selecting to undertake a focused project in computer animation arts. The project is student-centred allowing you to develop a more personal style and focus on your chosen area of specialisation in the field of computer graphics.

Critical and Contextual Studies
This unit will build upon and develop the fundamental theoretical knowledge and understanding of computer animation art and design practices, which were introduced in year one. Having completed this unit the student is expected to: a) demonstrate an advanced ability to analyse, critique, contextualise, and communicate concepts and ideas about the visual form b) demonstrate advanced knowledge and critical understanding of visual aesthetics and vocabulary c) demonstrate advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the language of cinematography.

Design for Animation 2
The aim of this unit is to build on and develop the fundamental theoretical and applied knowledge and understanding of computer animation art and design practices introduced and developed to a basic level of competency at Level C (year 1). Having completed this unit the student is expected to: a) demonstrate advanced skills in the use of traditional media and deploy key animation techniques effectively b) demonstrate ability to apply underlying concepts and principles in order to observe and analyse motion c) demonstrate an advanced knowledge and critical understanding of animation principles and practises.

Aesthetics & Techniques 1
You will develop and enhance skills and practices in the specialist areas of computer animation arts production, with an emphasis on two main areas; animation and visual craft skills.You will be encouraged to develop an eye for detail, differentiating between the variables and nuances in quality of motion, artistic interpretation, colour, form, shape, composition and lighting as well as pursuing originality and innovation in terms of content and approach.

Year 3 - The Placement Year
Optional 1 year placement

Year 3 or 4 (depending on placement) - Level H
This unit will encourage you to actively engage in exploring the potential of the computer in the evolution and development of new modes of creative expression. You will be introduced to some established and current approaches to experimentation in the use of computer technology in animation, effects, games and related areas and to methods that can sometimes lead to the generation of innovative ideas and products.

Aesthetics & Techniques 2
You will further develop and enhance your ability to develop original works through independent study and practice. By studying the processes and methods of key exponents of Animation Arts; independent practitioners, directors and production studios, you will be encouraged to combine practice and research to become independent and reflective practitioners in your chosen field of creative study.

Masterclasses in Computer Graphics Techniques
You will be introduced to the professional world of a digital media production house. This is done by exposing you to advanced production issues of professional practice and aims to provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge of specialist computer graphics techniques.

Major Project & Report
This is a production unit which runs throughout the academic year and aims to enable you to integrate and apply your knowledge and experience gained throughout the course and to extend this in an innovative and creative manner either as an individual or as part of a group.

Salidas profesionales

Graduates of this programme will have a well-rounded knowledge of the design and aesthetic principles required in computer animation and computer games production. They will have the skills that will help them fulfil the role of computer graphics and animation artistic directors (AD) and animators in the fields of computer animation, computer games and visual effects industries.

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