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Bachelor in Computer Games Development - Grado en Desarrollo de Videojuegos

Faculty of Science and Technology - University of Westminster
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2021
  • Lugar:
    115 New Cavendish Street
    London W1W 6
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    3 Años
  • Idioma:
    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Computer Games Development BSc Honours


This course will prepare you for work in an increasingly challenging and rewarding field by giving you a clear perspective of the current nature and practice of games development. In Year 1 you will be introduced to the main fundamental concepts and in Year 2 and Year 3 you will follow the specialist themes which interest you the most.


This course covers all aspects of the computer games development process, from programming to design and production, with emphasis on the technical and creative skills required to compete in the games and entertainment industry. Programming, maths and physics, games level design, 3D modelling, algorithms for real-time graphics, games production and simulation techniques are all highly suited to computer games, and this course gives you the necessary expertise for the development of such systems.

The needs of the industry are at the heart of this course, with a number of talks from well-established game companies as well as visits to computer shows and fairs. Over the last four years our students have successfully participated in international game competitions such as Dare to Be Digital and GameJam, exhibited their final year project in the V&A, and have been panel members in game conferences. You will gain the ability to address the multidisciplinary needs of the games industries, with the skills to take up a career as a programmer, game designer/ level game designer, and tester.


Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

Year 1 modules provide an underpinning of the subject area. You are introduced to computer programming concepts, the hardware and software components of computer games, the software engineering principles, and the maths which are the foundations on which computer games are developed. You will also be introduced to games development, creative games design and playability, alongside fundamental programming concepts of object-oriented languages, including the principles of C++.

Year 2 (Credit Level 5)

In Year 2 you continue to develop your programming skills by implementing prototypes of 2D games engines using C++. You are also introduced to 3D graphics programming, real-time graphics and game platforms. The maths becomes more advanced and games physics required in the games programming are introduced. Other subjects covered include professional practice, a mini games proposal and prototype, algorithms and data structures, and introduction to 3D modelling. There are also options in the second year that allow you to specialise, and which you can continue in your final year.

Sandwich placement year

Between Years 2 and 3 you can choose to take a yearlong placement to gain real industry experience, which is invaluable for your final year of study and long-term career prospects.

Year 3 (Credit Level 6)

In Year 3 you focus on advanced maths for games programming, advanced OO programming (DirectX), and networking design and programming (C++ and C#). You can also choose as options iPhone/iPad development, advanced animation techniques (motion-capture) and sound/video production. You have the chance to develop a large-scale practical project which will be part of your games portfolio.

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