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Bachelor Creative Computing (Gaming) - Grado en Informática Creativa (Juegos)

College of Liberal Arts - Bath Spa University
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    3 Años
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    BSc (Hons) Creative Computing (Gaming)


We teach you core skills essential to game design and digital creativity more widely, including software development (C languages, Java), level construction (Unity, Unreal), web app deployment (HTML5, JavaScript, PHP), and asset creation (Adobe, Autodesk).

These technical elements are complemented by critical insights into game development from industry specialists. Specific Gaming modules explore the ideation and prototype production process, from narrative and character development, through asset creation, UX design and rule-making, to development milestones (vertical slice, code freeze, beta testing) and marketing.

You can choose which optional modules to study, to suit your interests and career aspirations.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
Applicants are considered on an individual basis also taking into account any skills and experience that may not be reflected in A-level scores. The most important consideration is for applicants to have the qualities and potential to succeed in this exciting new area of study.

Applicants will typically hold between 280 and 320 UCAS Tarriff points, however those who may not achieve this range may be considering if they have a high-quality and varied portfolio of creative/digital work.


Year 1
Master the basics. Start your journey through Creative Computing (Gaming) by developing key skills in computing and digital design. We provide an induction to computer science (binary, hardware, operating systems, networking) and probe the social and ethical consequences that are distinct to the digital age. Weekly tech workshops expose you to the basics of web development, physical computing (Arduino, Raspberry Pi) and object-oriented programming. Specific modules on creative problem solving, interface design and coding for the visual arts enrich your understanding of how creativity and computing combine.

Year 2
Begin to specialise. We teach you principles of effective games design and assembly using a selection of retro and current titles, interactive tools and game engines. You’ll encounter the practical aspects of 2D / 3D asset creation, level construction and rule making, while considering the creative strategies and marketing decisions that underpin today’s games industry. Your games specific learning is accompanied with an in-depth ‘code lab’ that spotlights the C programming languages.

Elective modules provide space to improve programming literacy, interface with creative companies, and experiment with some of the latest consumer grade interactive devices.

Year 3
Kickstart your career. You’ll enhance your specialist gaming knowledge, while setting yourself up for success in the tech / creative industries. Two thirds of your time is spent developing significant digital artefacts. These works become the showcase pieces of a compelling, industry-focused creative portfolio.

Optional modules target interdisciplinary collaboration, professional development and enterprise engagement.

Salidas profesionales

The career possibilities for a Creative Computing graduate are numerous and wide-ranging, however some fields include:

interface design
web technologies research
big data analysis
applied games development
Green IT
digital finance
software projects management
digital art curation

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