Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - University of Westminster

Bachelor in Creative Writing and English Literature - Grado en Literatura Inglesa y Escritura Creativa

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - University of Westminster


At each credit level, modules focus on either writing in particular forms, or on the study of literature (particular periods, authors or genres, or literary theories and the history of ideas). Modules in creative writing work in tandem with modules in English literature, particularly in Year 3 (Credit Level 6), when you will produce either a single substantial work (novel, play) or a portfolio of shorter work (short fiction, poetry) while studying related literature modules.

There is a strong focus on future career opportunities, with a programme of visiting speakers from relevant professional areas, and an opportunity to do an internship in publishing and theatre in Year 3. You will be able to take modules in literature from Shakespeare to the present day, including non-fiction as well as prose, poetry and drama. There are also modules in literary theory and the history of ideas, ranging from classical philosophy to contemporary debates in art.


This course combines the study of literary and non-literary texts in English with the development of your own creative writing skills. The study of texts and their background in the history of ideas informs your progress as a writer, while your experience in producing literary texts in a variety of genres (the novel, the short story, poetry and drama) enhances your appreciation of literature. The course takes full advantage of our central London location through visits and the opportunity for internships as part of your study.

This course will be of particular interest to those who wish to write or develop their reading with the experience that comes from writing literary texts. You will gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to go on to a career in freelance writing, publishing, theatre, or teaching literature and creative writing. To study creative writing you should submit a portfolio of creative writing (maximum 10,000 words) of an individual or mixture of genres.



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