Turn on the television, open a newspaper or open a web browser and you are very likely to encounter images, reports, films and programmes about crime, justice and punishment. Crime saturates our media and popular culture, suggesting an enduring public fascination with wrong-doing and its consequences, as well as crime being an on-going problem in contemporary society.

But what is the background story to all of these representations of crime? Criminology tells it through close and in-depth research into crime and victimisation and the responses to crime that come in the form of justice, law enforcement and punishment. This covers a broad terrain, as there are multiple forms of crime covered by laws at local, national and transnational levels of society. Criminologists have studied crime from a variety of different approaches making this a multi-disciplinary field of knowledge, making it a diverse field of study, and also a dynamic one, as change in social conditions, norms, and laws have an impact on trends in crime.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
260–300 UCAS Tariff points.


Year 1:

Criminology: An introduction * **
Visualising Society
Global development
Year 2:

Contemporary and critical issues in crime and justice * **
Researching People and Organisations*
Criminological and Investigative Psychology*
Social Diversity and Divisions
Crime Fiction
Film Noir
Growing up and Living in Communities
Climate Change and Sustainability
Work Placement
Year 3:

Criminology dissertation* **
Punishment and Penology in Global Context*
Young people, Identity and Subcultures
Identities and Inequality
Crime Fiction in the Contemporary World
Gender: Mind, Body and Cultures
Community Engagement
Migration, Diversity and Racism
Mobility, Risks and Environmental Justice
* Compulsory modules for Single Honours Awards

** Compulsory modules for Combined Honours Awards

Salidas profesionales

A qualification in Criminology will prepare you for working towards a career in a variety of relevant fields in criminal justice and associated social and welfare professions including:

Crime prevention and security
Crime reduction initiatives
Offender management and interventions
Youth justice
Social work
Community development

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