With crime frequently in the news and always an important issue, criminology has never been more relevant. The Criminology BA Honours aims to enthuse, inspire and equip you with the skills for a successful career in today´s competitive job market.

Criminology draws on a wide range of human and social science disciplines, and the course has been designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of criminology as an interdisciplinary subject area. It will also equip you with the transferable and cognitive skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development.

Westminster´s criminologists are concerned with who commits crimes and how offenders should be punished, but at the heart of criminology are fundamental questions about how ´crime´ is defined, how criminal law is made, and how definitions of crime and justice vary historically and cross-culturally. Where better to study this fascinating discipline than in the heart of the UK´s policing and criminal justice systems? Contemporary concerns are reflected as the subject engages with globalisation and culture throughout the theoretical, qualitative and the empirical.


Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

Subjects of study include:

Controversies in Criminal Justice
Crime and the London Underworld
Justice and Human Rights
Psychology and Crime
Researching Crime and Justice
The Criminological Imagination
Year 2 (Credit Level 5)

Subjects of study include:

Forensic Criminal Psychology
Gender, Crime and Justice
Globalisation, Crime and Control
Race, Crime and Justice
Radical Criminology
Researching Crime and Justice
Youth, Crime and Justice
Year 3 (Credit Level 6)

Subjects of study include:

Criminological Research in Action
Human Rights and Global Injustice
Immigration, Crime and Control
Issues in State Crime
Media and Crime
Psychology Crime and the Popular Imagination
Punishment and Modern Society
Victims of Crime
Work Experience in Criminology and Criminal Justice
The course content is listed by year, corresponding to the full-time mode of study. If you study part-time you will study the same content, spread over five years.

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