The EAE’ s Bachelor Degree in in Business Administration and Management with participants receiving the qualification from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), provides solid academic training with a practical and professional approach with close links to the world of business.

The Bachelor Degree in in Business Administration and Management gives you the preparation you need to perform duties that are generally required in companies or in any particular department, such as Finance, Marketing and Sales, Investment, General Administration, Accounting and Human Resources, among others. This Degree gives students insight into the fundamental aspects of the economic system in which we operate, learning about the various management areas of a company from three perspectives:

• A generalist perspective, covering contents from all of the operational areas of a company.
• A clear practical approach, with over 630 hours of practical work experience which count as elective credits.
• A versatile methodology, designed to acquire the professional skills required to enter the employment market successfully.

In short, the EAE’s BBA is designed to equip professionals to run, manage and lead a company, organization and any other private or public institution. Our graduates are professionals equipped to take on executive duties within a context of complex and shifting global inter-relations, able to make decisions in the face of with uncertain circumstances.


The study programme of the BBA, designed in accordance with the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) accounts for a total of 240 ECTS credits spread over 4 years with 60 credits each, with each year being split into two semesters. The following types of courses are included: basic courses, core courses, elective courses, company internship and final degree project.



FIRST SEMESTER: Mathematics I, Financial Accounting I, Personal Productivity Tools I, Business Organization and Administration I.
SECOND SEMESTER: Mathematics II, Financial Accounting II, Introduction to the Economy Sociology.

ANNUAL: English I, Professional Development I.


FIRST SEMESTER: Statistics I, Spanish and World Economy, Company Planning and Analysis, Principles of Marketing.
SECOND SEMESTER: Statistics II, Financial Mathematics, Civil and Commercial Law, Commercial Management I.

ANNUAL: English II, Professional Development II.


FIRST SEMESTER: Cost Accounting I, Financial Management I, Microeconomics, Commercial Management II, Tax Law I.
SECOND SEMESTER: Cost Accounting II, Financial Management II, Macroeconomics, Professional Development III, Tax Law II.


FIRST SEMESTER: Labour Relations, Human Resources Management, Business Organization and Administration II, Financial Markets and Instruments, Information Systems.
SECOND SEMESTER: Elective subjects and Final Degree Project.


A total of 42 ECTS Credits can be obtained through elective courses. Students can choose 18 ECTS Credits, enabling them to adapt the programme to their personal and professional aspirations. There is also the option of selecting one of the following programmes:

1. Company internships: For students who wish to round off their degree education with some more practical experience.
2. Mobility: Students take subjects related to the study programme at another university, as he Degree Director considers appropriate.

The elective courses offered at the centre include the following:

FINANCIAL AREA: Advanced accounting, financial engineering, managing risk in International Finance, Corporate Finance Management.

MARKETING AREA: Advertising Communication, Strategic Marketing, International Marketing.

LEADERSHIP AREA: Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship, Management Skills, Cultural Crossing.

THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: Doing Business in Spain, International Economics, Global Economy I, Global Economy II.

THE ORGANIZATIONAL AREA: Supply Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Models, Employment Security and Corporate, Social Responsibility (CSR).

Salidas profesionales

EAE’s Professional Careers Services is responsible for promoting networking and serving as point of contact between current and former students, collaborating companies and other business collectives interested in contracting EAE professionals.

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