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Bachelor in English Language (3 year) - Grado en Lengua Inglesa

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    Annual tuition fees for entry in the academic year 2015/16 are as follows:
    UK/EU £9,000
    International £12,500
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    Consultar rellenando el formulario
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    Reino Unido
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    3 Años
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    You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit the University's scholarships and bursaries page.
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    BA English Language (3 year)
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    We all use language, and we all have an opinion on what makes good or bad English. But we very rarely stop to think about how and why language works; how words combine to inspire us and move us, to persuade, encourage and amuse us – or even how we acquire language in the first place. Swansea’s English Language degrees have been designed to provide concise and balanced coverage of linguistic theory and practice.

    The Department of English Language and Literature is ranked 7th in the UK within the recent Research Excellence Framework exercise (REF 2014), gaining a score of 100% for the social impact of its research activities.


    All applicants receive individual consideration. Our preferred offer is BBB-BBC at A-level or an equivalent qualification in either English Language, combined English Language and Literature, a Modern Language (including English as a second language) or Psychology. International students should have IELTS 6.0 (5.5 in each component) or equivalent. However, flexible offers are made on review of the application form, after taking into consideration the subjects studied, predicted or achieved grades, reference and personal statement.

    For candidates offering the International Baccalaureate, a typical offer would be 32-30 points. We ask for Welsh Baccalaureate plus BC at A-level. Access candidates should have 15 Distinctions and 18 Merits. Candidates studying for American qualifications should have a minimum of 550 in each part of the SAT reasoning and subject tests (or 1650 overall).


    Year 1 (Level 4)
    HE Level 4 Degree / HECert
    Students choose 120 credits from the following:

    Compulsory Modules
    Module Name
    The Sounds of English
    Grammar and Meaning

    Optional Modules
    Recommended Modules
    Choose Maximum Of 80 credits from the following Modules:

    NOTE : Students select 60 credits from below plus 20 credits of electives OR 80 credits from below and NO electives

    Module Name
    Language Teaching Methodology
    Language of Everyday Life
    A History of the English Language
    Studying the English Language

    Elective Modules

    Year 2 (Level 5)
    HE Level 5 Degree / HEDip

    Optional Modules
    English Language Modules
    Choose Minimum Of 100 credits from the following Modules:

    NOTE : Students must select 60 credits in each teaching block.

    Module Name
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Theory and Practice
    Discourse Analysis
    Corpora and Concordancing
    Studying Dialect
    Children as Language Learners

    COAH Electives

    Year 3 (Level 6)
    HE Level 6 Degree / Honours

    Optional Modules
    English Language Modules
    Choose Minimum Of 100 credits from the following Modules:

    NOTE : Students must select 60 credits in each teaching block.

    Module Name
    First Language Acquisition
    Second Language Acquisition
    Issues in current ELT
    Language in the Media
    Prehistory, History and Language
    Research Project Preparation (Linguistics)
    Research Project (Linguistics)
    Computer-Assisted Language Learning

    COAH Electives
    Choose Maximum Of 20 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Power and Protest in American Political Culture
    American Slavery: History and Culture, 1619-1865
    America and the Bomb
    The American Presidency: Leadership and Power
    African American Literature 1910-1940: The Harlem Renaissance
    The American Civil War in History and Memory
    "A Hard Rain´s a-Gonna Fall": America in the 1960s
    Cymru a´i Sefydliadau
    Ysgrifennu Creadigol
    Cerddi´r Ugeinfed Ganrif
    Beirdd a Thywysogion
    Sgiliau Iaith: Meistroli
    Further Fiction Writing
    Further Dramatic Writing
    Further Creative Non Fiction
    Further Poetry Writing
    The Rise of Brazil
    Gunfighter Nation: the West in History, Mythology and Fiction
    The Spanish Civil War - Its Origins, Course and Legacy
    The Aftermaths of War
    Real War, Imagined War: War in Literature, Art and Cinema
    Religion, Science, and Superstition
    Philosophy and the Social Sciences
    Catalan Language and Translation 3A
    Catalan Language and Translation 3B
    Media, Gender and Sexuality
    Digital Media in Context
    Online Journalism
    Drama and Documentary on Screen
    Strategy, Marketing and Branding
    Drama a Dogfen ar y sgrîn
    Iaith a´r Cyfryngau
    Cynhyrchu Digidol
    Strategaeth, Brandio a Marchnata
    Cyfathrebu Corfforaethol
    Visions of Democracy
    Politics and International Development
    Quantitative approaches to political and social analysis
    Contemporary Political Economy: Competing Perspectives on Global Capitalism
    Contemporary Security

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