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Bachelor in English Literature and History - Grado en Literatura Inglesa e Historia

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - University of Westminster


Depending on whether the course is taken as a joint Honours or a major/minor combination, the balance of the two subject areas varies. There is also the opportunity to take two modules in language teaching. In Year 3 you can complete a dissertation in English literature or modern history.


This course allows you to combine the study of literary texts with the study of history. It enables you to gain a command of the social and political circumstances in which the writing of literature has taken place, as well as of the texts themselves. It will also give you the skills and knowledge to enter careers with a significant element of research, such as in broadcasting, journalism, or teaching publishing.


English Literature

You will be able to take modules in literature from Shakespeare to the present day, including non-fiction texts as well as novels, poetry and drama. There are also modules in literary theory and the history of ideas, ranging from classical philosophy to contemporary debates.

Option modules are offered in a wide range of topics such as contemporary Britain, theatre studies, writing and gender, American literature, travel writing, Gothic, Romanticism, and tragedy. Through these modules you will develop a deep understanding of English society and the place of literature within it, by investigating the codes and conventions that have emerged in a variety of socio-historical contexts, and the ways in which these have guided both literary and non-literary representation. You will also be able to relate the study of English literature to the broader context of Western history and thought.

Modern History

You will have access to a wide variety of interesting modules, many of them unique to Westminster. Our focus is explicitly modern, but within a very broad geographical sweep. There are core modules in modern British and European History and we provide advanced research training to prepare you for your dissertation. We offer options on the fascinating history of London in peace and at war, and other options include: America and the Vietnam War; British foreign and defence policy; British social history; cultural history of World War II; decolonisation, race and politics in the USA; fascism; history of the EU; Jack the Ripper; London and its museums; modern Ireland; the American Wild West; the cinema as a source for historians; the Cold War; the Russian Revolution; the Spanish Civil War; the study of imperialism; the Troubles; and women’s history. You can also take a credit-bearing internship in a museum, library or archive in London.

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