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Bachelor in English Literature and Philosophy (Part time) - Grado en Literatura Inglesa y Filosofía

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of East Anglia
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According to Socrates the most serious question for humanity is: How are we to live? This question, amongst others, is one that the BA English Literature and Philosophy encourages you to engage with. You will explore a variety of issues during this degree programme, developing your ability to answer questions like: What is justice? How can our minds know the world? What is truth? Can we prove anything about God? How do we tell good reasoning from bad? The study of philosophy considers these questions in a systematic attempt to make sense of human life and the world in which it is lived.

The part-time element of this degree programme enables you to complete the full-time BA English Literature and Philosophy course over a longer period of time (between five and seven years) as a part-time student. The first two years of your course are largely taken up with core modules which occupy the first year of the full-time course. After that, your career as a student is largely shaped by your own module choices and overall offers the same range of choice as the full-time programme.



Salidas profesionales

As a graduate, your acute and critical mind will be highly regarded by employers. We know how important it is to be well prepared for a future career, so offer a range of employability support services:

Receive coaching in networking and creative job hunting, and be supported to be proactive in gaining experience.
Access a comprehensive career management programme, employer and industry focused events and one-to-one guidance.
Meet alumni to understand particular career sectors and routes into professions from the perspective of someone with recent experience.
The UEA Mentoring Programme will pair you with alumni working in a variety of sectors who are uniquely placed to help provide advice and guidance on navigating those first steps into graduate employment.

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