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Bachelor in Environmental Science (Full-time, Part-time) - Grado en Ciencias Ambientales

School of Applied Sciences - Bournemouth University
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    £9000 for EU and UK students
    £13500 for international students
    Unlimited number of Scholarships available for next academic year
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    3 Años
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Environmental Science BSc (Hons) (Full-time, Part-time)
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    Environmental Science integrates the natural sciences and considers how a wide range of factors may impact on the environment. It attempts to understand how both anthropogenic and natural forces result in the processes of environmental change such as global warming, ecosystem pollution and habitat loss.

    The study of Environmental Science also includes an appreciation of how technology and regulatory processes can be applied to prevent environmental degradation and an awareness of practical remediation methods. Professionals working in the field of Environmental Science need to be able to combine an understanding of science with a knowledge of the legislative frameworks and the regulatory authorities for environmental protection.


    260 to 320 tariff points, including 100 from one required subject (e.g. B at A-level), or equivalent qualifications. BTEC Extended Diploma: DMM to DDM


    This course will provide you with a strong, broad foundation in Environmental Science and includes both a theoretical and applied perspective. You will be trained in a substantial range of transferable skills in laboratory work, computing, data analysis, report writing and project management.

    This course is particularly designed to appeal to students who wish to begin their degree by studying a generic science base in their first year and then moving towards a more customised pathway in their final year which will suit the areas of interest they have developed during the second year of their degree. A key part of this is the third year research project where students will have the opportunity to work closely with an academic’s research programme.


    Year One

    Investigative, Reporting and Practical Skills 1&2
    Topics in Contemporary Science
    Physical Geography
    Earth & Society

    Year Two

    Marine Geography
    Ecology & Ecosystems Management
    Environmental Pollution
    Field Research: Environment
    Evolution & Wildlife Conservation

    Option units: choose one of the following:
    Introduction to Toxicology
    Applied Geospatial Science

    Year Three

    Independent Research Project

    Optional units: choose two of the following:
    Earth Surface Processes & Landforms
    Environmental Forensics
    Emergence & Extinction in the Ice Ages
    Marine Conservation
    Wildlife Behaviour & Habitat Conservation
    Freshwater Resource Management
    Environmental Remote Sensing
    Advanced Environmental Law & Planning
    Occupational Health & Safety

    Salidas profesionales

    Our staff have research embedded in professional practice, sharing their experiences through education and consultancy. As a student you will receive a high quality educational experience and may be involved in fieldwork and placements across the globe.

    As well as the valuable links you will develop through your professional placement, our staff can draw on their own association with organisations around the world. Our lecturers have commercial and research contacts and have published their results in academic papers or in their own books. Our guest speakers are able to give you invaluable insights into professional areas. These links can lead to placement and employment opportunities.

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