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Bachelor in Film and Television Studies - Grado en Cine y Televisión

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of East Anglia


Film and Television Studies explores the history, theory and practices of film and television, looking at how the two media developed as distinct but intersecting industries, art forms and areas of academic study. From silent cinema experiments to multi-platform franchises – or from Méliès´ A Trip to the Moon to Lucas´ Star Wars empire – you will watch a range of film and television texts and discuss what they tell us about the cultural and creative contexts in which they were produced and consumed. You have opportunity to study all aspects of British and American cinema and television, and other national, transnational and transmedia contexts. Some modules focus on particular film-makers or film and television genres; others deal with critical issues such as gender in film and television.

You also have the opportunity to explore theories practically by making fiction, experimental or documentary films, working in a television studio or writing original and adapted screenplays.


Qualification: BA (Hons)
A Level: AAB (at least one Arts/Humanities subject preferred)
International Baccalaureate: 33 points with at least one humanities subject preferred at grade 5 or above
Scottish Highers: At least one Advanced Higher preferred in addition to Highers
Scottish Advanced Highers: AAB with at least one humanities subject preferred
Irish Leaving Certificate: AAAABB with at least one humanities subject preferred
Access Course: Please contact the University for further information
BTEC: DDD (Media Production preferred)
European Baccalaureate: 80% with at least one humanities subject preferred at 70% or above



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You will also be offered coaching in networking and job hunting and we encourage our students to be proactive in searching for experience and developing their career prospects.

UEA’s Careers and Employability Service provide top of the range advice, industry focussed events and one-to-one guidance. Our UEA Mentoring Programmes pairs students with alumni working in a variety of sectors that can provide advice and guidance on navigating the first steps into graduate employment.

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