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Bachelor Food with Nutrition - Grado en Alimentación y Nutrición

College of Liberal Arts - Bath Spa University
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    BSc (Hons) Food with Nutrition


The food we eat affects our health – how we feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. Studying this course, you’ll explore: the complexities of the food chain; the needs and demands of consumers; and the controls that exist to ensure the food we eat is nutritious and safe.

Our graduates are in great demand in the food industry, consumer organisations and enforcement agencies. The food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, employing around 400,000 people. It’s responsible for providing safe, nutritious and desirable food while facing the long-term challenge of feeding a growing population.

The course focuses on the food chain and issues that are important to consumers, such as nutrition and safety. We’ll equip you for professional life, with skills that will make you attractive to employers.

We offer a supportive, close-knit working environment. Class sizes are small. Staff and students are on first name terms, and you’ll be assigned a personal tutor from day one.

You’ll graduate with:

a deep understanding of the impact of food provision;
an understanding of the role of nutrition on health;
familiarity with the scientific principles and laboratory techniques used in the examination and analysis of food;
an informed attitude to ethical and environmental concerns associated with food production.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
260-300 UCAS Tariff points


The primary aim of this programme is to provide you with an academic and vocationally oriented experience giving a holistic view of the impact of food provision.


Year one
Build a science base, learning fundamental concepts of human biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology. Learn about consumer perceptions of the food supply chain with particular reference to nutritional, environmental and ethical issues. Develop your practical, study and ICT skills.

Year two
Gain more detail in topics you covered in your first year, while laying the foundations for your dissertation in your final year. Investigate the role of diet in normal health. Explore food quality and new food product development. Optional modules explore the biochemical and physiological links between common pathological states and the role of nutrition in prevention and treatment, and factors that affect food choice and eating habits. You’ll have the option to complete a Work Placement module.

Year three
Critically evaluate the national and international concepts of risk assessment and their application at all stages of the food system. Evaluate issues and concerns over food provision. Conduct a primary research investigation. Other themes include: contemporary food issues; current issues in nutrition; nutrition for optimal health; and sports performance. Opt to collaborate with an organisation in the food and nutrition sector, in an independent project.

Salidas profesionales

Employers such as Oasis Foods, Kerry Foods, Leatherhead Food Research, Coldwater Seafoods and Ferndale Foods have recruited graduates from this course.

Students have gone into roles including:

Food Development Technologist
Research Technician
Assistant Scientific Officer
Product Developer
Quality Controller

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