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Bachelor in Football Coaching & Management - Grado en Entrenamiento y Dirección Futbolística

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    BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management


We provide world-first higher education programmes within the football club environment with the programme of study based around a complete and comprehensive wrap-around support programme that will run through the Football Excellence Programme.


Applications are welcomed from students with a genuine passion and ambition to work in the football and sports industries.
The minimum academic requirement for this degree course is a 280 UCAS Tariff point score.
Other minimum requirements
Applicants will normally have achieved one of the following:
A minimum of 2 A Levels including two C grades
A BTEC Extended diploma grade DMM
A BTEC Diploma grade D*D*
A combination of BTEC and A-Level qualifications with at least two C graded A levels or Merit graded BTEC equivalents.
International Baccalaureate (minimum of 30 points)
An Advanced GNVQ in an appropriate subject at Distinction level
An Access Course: minimum of 60 credits, including at least 45 at Level 3
An equivalent level 3 qualification


The aim of the Football Excellence Programme is to provide lifelong learning and education to aspiring young football coaches and managers, as well as being the hub for football industry qualifications. Students on our Football Excellence Programme will receive high quality teaching, learning and coaching provision from professionals with backgrounds in academia, professional football and sports business. We will ensure that everyone on our Football Excellence programme will gain the qualifications, skills and expertise to be successful within the football industry, or the wider sports business industry.


First year:

Introduction to Football Management
The module introduces the necessary understanding and skills for effective leadership and management within association football. This will be considered at different levels of the national game.

Fundamentals of Coaching
This module provides the opportunity for students to develop communication skills in a complex manner for a variety of different audiences. It also allows students to critically evaluate theory and reflectively apply to performance in a practical setting.

Football Principles & Practice
The first part of the module will look closely at the development of the key fundamental technical components of football. Coaches will develop their understanding of the technical detail and execution of techniques used in football in both technical practices (unopposed) and skill practices (opposed).

Coaching in the Community
This module provides the opportunity for students to develop knowledge required for operating in different and safe environments. It allows students to critically evaluate theory and reflectively apply it to performance. It also allows the application of coaching theory to age and ability-related practical.

Second year:

Managing Teams & Individuals
This module explores key principles of leadership and management and examines leadership styles in football. Students will study and evaluate leadership and management skills and consequent behaviors

Talent Development
The aim of this module is to provide the student with an understanding of performance pathways developed by organisations to develop players to their full potential. The module will also examine the support mechanisms which aid in this development of players.

Research Methods
The aim of this module is to provide the student with an understanding of research principles, a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and appropriate analysis for these.
Football Tactics & Strategies
This module ensures students acquire a systematic understanding of the principles of play appropriate to Association Football and advanced tactical and strategic knowledge relevant to the 11 vs.11 format of the game.

Third year:

Leadership & Management
Self-analysis and development of leadership and management qualities are a prerequisite for students wishing to elevate their career in sports business management or associated fast moving consumer group (FMCG) industries. The aim of this module is to enable students to understand and evaluate their leadership and management skills and consequent behaviours. They will learn how to appraise managerial and leadership theory and to develop their own leadership and management skills pertinent to a career as a business manager.
The module supports students as they identify and develop their strengths and development opportunities supported by a clear and measurable development plan to improve their management and leadership behaviours.
High Performance Coaching
This module will introduce a selected range of sports that will give the learner the opportunity to develop and appreciate the skills, techniques and strategies in a range sporting activities at a high performance level.
The module will seek to analyse techniques used by high performance coaches by developing an awareness of the demands and considerations of coaching in different high-performance environments.
The student will critically analyse (through observation or delivery) practices to develop skills and improve high performance in an athlete. Practical experiences/observations will support the acquisition of theoretical principles throughout.
An academic examination of selected contemporary issues, relating to those strategies used for preparation and performance in the selected sports will be undertaken.
Match Analysis
This module aims to provide students with framework to support the ongoing cycle of the coaching process. Coaches are required to observe, analyse, evaluate and provided feedback to players after performance. Throughout the module students will explore key performance indicators with particular reference to both technical and tactical analysis.
Students will establish how to use range of match analyse methods from notational to applying technological advancements to enhance their efficacy in providing feedback. Students will develop techniques to evaluate teams overall performance both technical and tactical in order to provide feedback in order for intervention planning.
This module aims to provide students with the opportunity for independent learning through the completion of an individual, extended research project. The project requires a high level of individual application and commitment to research and enquiry. It provides students with the opportunity to identify, reflect upon and explore a topic that has implications for their own professional development.

Salidas profesionales

Career prospects for graduates of the BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management degree programme at UCFB include football coaching roles, including the ability to rise to senior managerial roles due to the management aspect of the degree.

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