At Westminster we train competent linguists in modern languages ready to enter graduate employment. We offer French, Spanish and German on these awards, and you can combine any two of these languages with one other. The course will enable you to achieve a good or high level of linguistic competence in your chosen language in all four skill areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking), and demonstrate a good or high degree of proficiency in mediating between your foreign language and English. You will be able to function in different cultural situations and acquire qualities and skills in areas such as interpersonal communication and organisational skills, flexibility and tolerance, analysis and argument, autonomy and team working, and team management.

You must have studied at least one of your chosen languages to A Level standard or equivalent. We accept students at two different entry points for these awards, beginner and intermediate, although please note that in German we only accept students at entry point intermediate.


Depending on your particular combination or degree you will study modules in one or both languages from one or more of the following strands: Language Development (teaching of the four skills by native and non-native speakers), Languages in Action (focus on professional context and communication skills in and out of the target language and English) and Area Studies (cultural context).

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