This course allows you to study two of the most popular arts and social sciences disciplines in combination, taking half of your modules in each area. The Politics set offers you an in-depth understanding of comparative, institutional, international and theoretical approaches, while the History set gives you a firm grounding in the major developments in British and European affairs over the past two centuries. The degree offers the combination of the theoretical and the empirical. The study of Politics equips you with the analytical tools to explore and understand societies, while the History element provides a vast historical laboratory in which to test the validity of the theory. Graduates have a wide range of research, analytical and evaluative skills, and are highly sought after by employers in media and marketing, education, the Civil Service and the Foreign Office, NGOs, international organisations such as the EU and the UN, and all sectors of industry.


Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

You will take a core history module (either British Socio- Economic and Political History, or British Foreign Policy since 1815), and a core politics module on Political Concepts, Revolutions and Ideologies.

Option modules include:

Environmental Politics
Globalisation, Power and International Governance
Immigration: the European Experience
International Relations and the Global Economy
London since 1960
Nineteenth-Century America
The French Revolution
The London Blitz
Victorian London
Year 2 and Year 3 (Credit Levels 5 and 6)

At Credit Level 5 you take a history core in either Twentieth-Century British Political History or Twentieth-Century Europe, and a politics core in the Foundations of Western Political Philosophy. There is a core Research Methods module to help you choose your dissertation topic, which will be in either History or Politics. At Credit Level 6 you take either Power, Freedom and Justice, or
Citizenship and Democracy.

There is a wide variety of option modules, including:

America and the Vietnam War
American Power in the 21st Century
Analysing Policy
Applied British Politics
Britain and the Great War
Britain between the Wars
British Defence Policy
British Politics
Cultural History of World War II
Democracy in America
Diplomacy and International
England since 1945
EU as a Global Actor
European Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Gender, Politics and the State
Politics of Energy
Governing the European Union
History of the EU
Humanitarian Intervention and International Relations
International Security Studies
International State Building
Jack the Ripper
London and its Museums
Modern Ireland
Origins of World War II
Policymaking in the European Union
Political Ecology Today: Values, Power, Justice
Political Gaming and Simulations
Politics and Media Freedom
Politics of the Middle East
Protest, Participation, Power: Social Movements in Contemporary Europe
Race and Politics in the USA
Russian Politics and Society
The American Wild West
The Cinema as a Source for Historians
The Cold War
The New Imperialism
The Russian Revolution
The Spanish Civil War
The Troubles
Women´s History
You can also take a credit-bearing internship in a museum, repository or archive.

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