Research underpins much of our teaching, and we encourage you into a community of scholars, through teaching which will enthuse and inspire you. Assessments include essays and exams, presentations, book reviews, portfolio preparation and mini-projects. You can also take a credit-bearing internship in an archive, library or museum. Previous interns have had placements in the Imperial War Museum, the House of Lords Record Office and many other London institutions.


History remains among the most fascinating and best-loved of the arts and social science disciplines, and this is an exceptional degree which makes the most of our unique West End location. The course is modern and UK focused, but as Britain was shaped by her relationship with Europe, the empire and the wider world, there are many opportunities to study European, American and imperial history as well. A distinctive element of the degree is its focus on the extraordinary history of London.

You´ll learn inside and outside the classroom, on stimulating modules in political, diplomatic, military and social history, many of which are unique to Westminster. You´ll explore the streets of the capital, learn how to conduct your own research in London´s unique archives, and graduate as a well-trained and experienced historian, ready to launch yourself into the world of work – in careers such as the media, education and the Civil Service – research or further study


Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

There are two core modules, Modern British Socio-Economic and Political History, and British Foreign Policy since 1815.

Option modules include:

London since 1960
Nineteenth-Century America
The French Revolution
The London Blitz
Victorian London
Year 2 and Year 3 (Credit Levels 5 and 6)

There are two core modules on Twentieth-Century British Political History and Twentieth-Century Europe. There is a core Research Methods module, to help you choose your dissertation topic. The dissertation is the only core module in Year 3.

You can choose from a wide variety of option modules, including:

America and the Vietnam War
Britain between the Wars
British Defence Policy
Cultural History of World War II
England since 1945
History of the EU
Jack the Ripper
London and its Museums
Modern Ireland
Origins of World War II
Race and Politics in the USA
The American Wild West
The Cinema as a Source for Historians
The Cold War
The New Imperialism
The Russian Revolution
The Spanish Civil War
The Troubles: Britain and Northern Ireland
Women´s History
You can also take a credit-bearing internship in a museum, repository or archive.

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