In today’s world, history remains the most challenging and exciting of disciplines.

You´ll acquire an ability to deal with profound questions about the past and to understand people’s lives, beliefs and problems in the present.

You’ll be able to explore a diverse range of sources, periods and themes, ranging from the medieval to the modern world. And, you’ll develop a wide variety of employment skills that will be useful in your future working life.

Lastly, the student of history is taking part in a voyage of discovery, exploring how people acted in the past, and how they dealt with the issues and challenges that still trouble, thrill or engage us today.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
260–300 UCAS Tariff points.



Each History module lasts approx. 26 weeks and has a varied contact time of between 2-4 hours per week (excluding student-staff tutorials).

Year One
Changing Histories (Core module);
Medieval and Renaissance Worlds (Option module);
Age of the People: Europe c.1870-1990 (Option module);
Age of Discovery to the Gilded Age: America c.1492-1914 (Option module);
Unruly Lot: women and social change in Europe and North America c.1550-1914 (Option module);
Age of Empires (c.1492-1857) (Option module);
Heritage and Applied History*;
The Business of Heritage*.
Year Two
Making History (Core module);
Humanities at Work I (Option module – project-based/work-based learning module);
Nineteenth Century Britain and Ireland: Politics and Society (Option module);
The Political World of Eighteenth Century Britain (Option module);
Hecate’s Daughters: early modern witchcraft (Option module);
Revolutionary and Napoleonic Europe 1789-1820 (Option module);
Ships, Slaves and Sugar: Britain and France in the Atlantic Trade, 16th-19thCentury (Option Module);

Peace, Prosperity, Depression and War: Britain and the USA between the wars (Option module);

The British Empire: from the Opium Wars to decolonisation c.1840-1970 (Option module);
The Great War: conflict and society (Option module);
Immigration and Race in Twentieth-Century Europe (Option Module);
Heritage in Context*.
Year Three
History Dissertation (Core module);
Humanities at Work II/III (Option module – project-based/work-based learning modules);
Memory, Slavery and Social Cohesion in Britain and France ( Option module;
From Affluent Society to Permissive Society: the era of the 60s (Option module);
More than a Game: sport and the modern world c.1801-1992 (Option module);
Leisure, Pleasure and Consumption: rise of a consume society c.1750-1950 (Option module);
Secret Service: British intelligence and espionage (Option module);
Rex Pacificus c.1603-1625 (Option module);
Muslim Migration and Islam in Europe in Historical Perspective ( Option module);
Heritage and the Wider World*.
*Modules available as second subject or options from part the Heritage BA/BSc Combined Award

Salidas profesionales

Employers welcome the analytical and problem-solving skills and the flexible approach to learning that history students acquire. You’ll not only gain knowledge and understanding of history as a scholarly discipline, but you’ll also develop a multitude of skills that will be useful in your future working life. As a result our history students find employment in a wide variety of careers:

teaching (subject to PGCE)
administration and management
commerce and banking
media and tourism
law and public relations
There are also opportunities to undertake postgraduate work at Masters and doctorate level.

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