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Bachelor History (Heritage and Public History) - Grado en Historia (Patrimonio Histórico)

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    BA/BSc (Hons) History (Heritage and Public History)


Explore how the past is celebrated, obscured and recreated. You’ll study of a wide range of historical subjects, places and periods with a particular focus on heritage and public history.

The Heritage and Public History pathway offers you a solid grounding in historical skills, but extends them to encompass the analysis of places, objects, and buildings. You’ll consider:

How we turn ‘history’ into ‘heritage’
How cultural heritage has become such an important focus for study and debate
Who we think we are and how we negotiate our way through a complex world.
Alongside developing a specialism in heritage and public history, you’ll gain practical experience. We’ll help prepare you for a possible career, through activities such as planning a project, writing for the general public, and a placement in a museum or historic house. The insights you gain here could be invaluable in a wide range of jobs, including in the heritage sector itself.

By undertaking in-depth study in heritage and public history, you’ll be able to examine and confront the power of the past in the contemporary world. This takes us from the World Heritage City of Bath, on our doorstep, to the destruction of heritage sites in Iraq and Syria; from the history of slavery to its silent, largely unacknowledged memorialisation in the buildings of the city and the great houses set in the surrounding countryside.

Against this background, you’ll also explore the importance of heritage in the local, regional and national economy, how museums ‘work’, the skills needed to work in the museums and heritage sector, and some of ways in which the past is presented to and consumed by all of us. We’ll help you to take complex historical ideas and think about how to present them in different ways to different audiences; and how to apply these skills outside the University.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
260–300 UCAS Tariff points.


Year one
Provides a basis for developing new historical skills and understanding, and an introduction to the study of ‘heritage’ and the concept of ‘public history’. You’ll think about the different ways in which we approach historical study and about evidence and interpretation. You’ll learn how to ‘read’ a historic object or landscape as you would a document, and about how our attitudes towards such material have changed over time.

Year two
Offers more specialised study, drawing on modules which explore different historical periods and places, and a deeper exploration of why and how the past is valued – and sometimes abused – in the contemporary world. From the broad foundations of year one, you’ll now focus on your chosen subjects in greater depth, developing a more critical approach to your reading of historical texts and sources, and sharpening your own skills in analysing and interpreting evidence – and in presenting your findings.

Year three
Is your chance to show just how far you’ve come. Your final dissertation or project allows you to design, implement and present your own piece of work, examining a historical question which matters to you, and thinking about how you might present your work in different contexts and for different audiences. You’ll also have a range of module choices, usually on topics that most closely reflect the research interests of the History and Heritage team.

Those of you with a particular interest in heritage and public history, and perhaps an ambition to work in the industry, might decide to apply for the Year in Professional Practice placement, between year two and year three. If you are successful, this will give you comprehensive experience of how heritage works, with one or more of our partner organisations, and a great foundation for your final year of formal study.

Salidas profesionales

History and Heritage graduates have entered a range of professions including teaching, event management, and heritage management. Our graduates now work for organisations such as the National Trust, Wiltshire County Council and Bath Preservation Trust. Some of our students go onto to study for a Masters degree, including our own highly regarded MA in Heritage Management, and then to a PhD.

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