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Bachelor in High-Tech Entrepreneurship - Grado en Emprendimiento en Alta Tecnología

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    International Students: €26,900/year
    National Students €13,450/year*
    *The National prices apply to Harbour.Space Home Countries Citizens – individuals with valid passports from Spain and Thailand.
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    Consultar rellenando el formulario
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    Carrer de Rosa Sensat 9-11
  • Duración:
    180 ECTS
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés


The High-Tech Entrepreneurship programme is the first dedicated BSc programme in the world that blends academics programme, startup accelerator, venture builder, and real world experience to prepare students to become the next generation of successful high-tech entrepreneurs. Our hands-on programme prepares students to do the analysis and actions required to launch and commercialise a high-tech company.

Students are expected to join the programme with an idea for a startup they would like to pursue. The programme is divided into stages that logically follow the company’s building progression. Students should be prepared to work in a highly competitive environment that will challenge their skills and perseverance every day.



The first year can be seen as a basic starter pack for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Students enter the programme with an idea they want to make reality. We start with the skills of presenting an idea well – because a lot of genius goes unnoticed in the world simply because an idea is communicated inadequately. Students will work on the basis of Lean/Pitch Canvas frameworks for idea validation, identity and communication strategy and they learn how to make their idea pass the business model test. Students learn how to identify opportunities and obstacles in business entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students are immersed in all the business basics of running a startup: lean business models, business validation, business plan preparation, USP/SVP identification, etc.

From Zero to Hero
Digital Product Development
Design Thinking
Needs Finding and Concept Creation
Lean Startup
The Startup Garage: Testing and Launch
Startup Company Legal Environment
Startup Ecosystems
Writing a Business Plan
Identity and Communications
Sales Basics
The Startup Stack
Startups for Extreme Affordability
Technical Project Management
Big Data & Emerging Technologies
Capstone Project - 1
Seminars & Workshops - 1


The second year delves deeply dive into building a lean startup organisation while learning essential strategic and analytical skills. The objective of this academic year is to find the elusive product/market fit and build an MVP. Students are expected to talk to potential customers, learn essential sales techniques, become able to find and test various customer acquisition channels, develop effective messaging and positioning. Teams will be expected to execute their sales and marketing plans, define and build and MVP and test it with early customers. This is often the hardest part of the journey for startups and the programmes rigour will expand the abilities of any student and push them to reach their full potential. By the end of the year, students will have an MVP that’s not only validated using frameworks but also tested with early customers. Throughout the process the teams are assisted by mentors and take advantage of opportunities to pitch their ideas to investors and startup competitions.

New Venture Marketing
Digital Assets
The Power of Storytelling in Business
Customer Acquisition for Startups
Business Models / Business Model Innovation
Hiring & Leading Teams
Data Driven Marketing & Sales
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Growth Hacking
Digital Strategy
Building and Managing Email Campaigns
Essentials of Strategic Communication
Viral Marketing
E - Research & Surveys
CRM & Loyalty Programmes
E- Commerce
Selling & Presenting
Angel and Venture Capital
Early Stage Company Valuation & Financial Modelling
Taxes and Business Strategy
Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
High-Performance Leadership
Programmatic & RTB
Capstone Project


In the third year, student startups will transform into real companies. Student startups are expected to have found their product/market fit so they will start scaling, and doubling down on strategies that worked at early stage to turn them into real growth. The third year is essentially about transforming a lean startup into a scalable venture backed business. Students will learn how to automate and scale into a properly running organisation, how to build high-performing sales teams, how to lead and hire for a fast growing organisation and how to create and nurture company culture as the company grows. In this final year students will be pushed to their limit as they turn their startups into businesses while planning, designing and executing on much more complex strategies as they prepare to raise venture funding, and subsequently become the next unicorn. The year will culminate in a Demo Day where student startups will compete in for investors, mentors and the student body.

Master Classes with Leading Practitioners
Designing Creative Organisations
Managing High Growth Enterprises
Building and Managing Professional Sales Organizations
Interpersonal Dynamics and Conflict Resolution
Global Value Chain Strategies
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Leading Strategic Change
Motivation in Startups
Entrepreneurship from the Perspectives of Women
New Business Models in the Emerging Markets
Web Scraping for fun and Profit
China´s Internet Market
Data Visualisation
Capstone Project

Salidas profesionales

Product Person
VP Sales
VP Business Development
VP Marketing
Account Management / Customer Service

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