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Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics - Grado en Filosofía, Política y Economía

Facultad de Empresa, Economía y Derecho - CUNEF UNIVERSIDAD
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    C/Leonardo Prieto Castro, 2 Ciudad Universitaria
    Madrid 28040
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    240 ECTS
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    CUNEF Universidad, supported by FAEB (Spanish Banking Association Foundation), has in place a scholarship and financial aid programme for new-entry students to reward and promote academic excellence and facilitate access to higher education.
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, PPE


The Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) combines Economics and Political Science with the logical reasoning and critical analysis inherent to Humanities and, specifically, Philosophy. This interdisciplinary approach seeks to train professionals for any type of governmental or business organisation, to prepare them to interpret the socioeconomic, political and cultural environment and thus enable them to make decisions based on rigorous reasoning substantiated by formal logic and critical thinking. The specific courses in Philosophy, Economics and Politics, with a similar weight in the degree, are complemented with transversal courses to familiarise our graduates with the tools of quantitative and qualitative analysis in Humanities.

The degrees included in our new academic offering have been designed to adapt to a much more global and connected world, with an ever-growing presence of new technologies.

We offer three programme formats, to allow you to choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences and enable you to become a professional who can successfully meet the future needs of the job market.

CUNEF Universidad has designed a series of minors in different fields of knowledge, delivered in English, to allow students to supplement their undergraduate degree. Studying one of the minors we offer will enhance your knowledge in the field you choose and enable you to overcome challenges more creatively and come up with innovative solutions. It will also allow you to gain insights on topics that are not part of your degree, helping you stand out professionally.

You can combine these minors with any of the Bachelor Degrees offered by the School of Business, Economics and Law and the School of Engineering.


The process starts on October 1. If you wish to participate in the admission process, you will need to follow these steps:
Start the process by applying online at www.cunef.edu
Attach the required documents: academic transcripts, photo and ID.
Take the admission tests on campus.
Pay the corresponding fee to confirm your place reservation and complete the admission process.
Complete your admission and enrolment process within the deadlines officially established for that purpose.


The Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is aimed at students with a strong interest in understanding the basic political and economic foundations of today´s societies, in becoming agents of social change and in acquiring an interdisciplinary education based on logical reasoning that allows them to develop a critical, holistic and independent vision of the world around them. They must be intellectually curious and inclined to reflection and critical questioning on the problems of human existence, as well as open to dialogue with others from a creative and non-dogmatic perspective.

Salidas profesionales

The multidisciplinary nature of the degree prepares graduates for critical and holistic interpretation of the historical, political, economic and sociological environment of any type of organisation.

Philosophy provides our students with significant logical reasoning and synthesis skills that they will use to formulate well-founded arguments to support leadership in different fields (in fact, the demand for philosophers in areas such as finance or artificial intelligence has increased).

We have in place over 1,600 cooperation agreements with leading national and international organisations in different industries to help our students kickstart their career successfully. Additionally, our Careers Department organises training and guidance workshops to help students determine their professional goals and successfully participate in recruitment processes, and provides support in general to enhance their employability.

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