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Bachelor Law and Media - Grado en Derecho y Medios

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    Annual tuition fees for entry in the academic year 2015/16 are as follows:
    UK/EU £9,000
    International £12,100
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    Consultar rellenando el formulario
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    Reino Unido
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    3 Años
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    LLB Law and Media
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    The LLB Law and Media is a new Joint Honours Programme which is accredited by the Law Society and offers not only qualifying law degree modules but the study of media and communication which has a broad vocational, theoretical and international outlook that reflects the challenges and opportunities of our media-rich world.


    Our standard offer for our various Single honours and Joint Honours programmes is 3 A-Levels at grades ranging from AAB- BBB or equivalent.


    Year 1 (Level 4)
    HE Level 4 Degree / HECert
    Students choose 120 credits from the following:

    Compulsory Modules
    Module Name
    Law of Tort
    Constitutional Law
    Law of Contract (Joint Honours)
    European Union Law (Joint Honours)
    Introduction to Media Communication

    Optional Modules
    Media Optional Modules
    Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

    NOTE : Please choose one module from the list below

    Module Name
    Creative Writing: Fiction Genres
    Creative Writing: Styles of Fiction
    Modern European Film: Themes and Perspectives
    Introduction to Film Studies
    Contemporary Welsh Society
    Introduction to Media History
    Public Relations: Strategic Communications
    Hollywood: A History of American Film

    Year 3 (Level 6)
    HE Level 6 Degree / Honours
    Students choose 120 credits from the following:

    Compulsory Modules
    None found.

    Optional Modules
    Law Optional Modules
    Choose Exactly 60 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Family Law
    Employment Law
    Environmental Law
    Law Project
    Criminal Evidence
    Competition Law
    Children and the Law
    The Legal History of Wales
    Terrorism: the legal response
    Anti-social behaviour: law, policy & practice
    Sports Law
    E-Commerce Law
    Commercial Law
    Public International Law
    Planning Law
    Foundations in Legal Practice
    Human Rights Law
    International Law
    Environmental Law
    Human Rights Law
    Company Law
    Cymru´ r Gyfraith
    World Trade Law

    Media Optional Modules
    Choose Exactly 60 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Further Dramatic Writing
    Further Creative Non Fiction
    Media and Society in the 1930s
    From Page to Screen: Adapting the European Classics
    Media, Gender and Sexuality
    Digital Media in Context
    Practical Web Technologies
    Online Journalism
    Dissertation Preparation
    Video Production
    Radio Production
    Drama and Documentary on Screen
    Strategy, Marketing and Branding
    Signing the Screen: Film and Television Authorship
    Traethawd Estynedig Cyfryngau
    Iaith a´r Cyfryngau
    Cynhyrchu Digidol
    Strategaeth, Brandio a Marchnata
    Traethawd Estynedig Cysylltiadau Cyhoeddus
    Cyfathrebu Corfforaethol
    Political and Cultural Studies Internship

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