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Bachelor in Media and Politics - Grado en Medios de Comunicación y Política

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of East Anglia
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In contemporary politics it can sometimes seem that spin doctors and celebrities are more important than prime ministers and presidents. Critics complain that politics is now all presentation and no policy.

Studying the BA Media and Politics allows you to look in detail at the ways in which modern media are changing the nature of politics. You will study the political, social and economic factors that shape the media industries and the ways in which they are used and potentially abused for political gain.

Mass media is undeniably important when it comes to the way modern politics is communicated, and politicians have started to using channels such as social networking sites and chat shows to connect with voters. Celebrities use rock concerts and television shows to advocate their social and political causes. Citizens are starting to take control of political communication by writing blogs and posting videos online. For some this is a worrying trend towards ‘infotainment’, for others this is evidence of a new and possibly more democratic way of ‘doing politics’.


Qualification: BA (Hons)
A Level: ABB
International Baccalaureate: 32
Scottish Highers: At least one Advanced Higher preferred in addition to Highers
Scottish Advanced Highers: ABB
Irish Leaving Certificate: AABBBB
Access Course: Please contact the University for further information
European Baccalaureate: 75%



Salidas profesionales

We know how important it is for you to lay the foundations for your future career. Our graduates have gone on to a broad range of positions, including in Local Government and in the European Parliament.

During your studies you will be able to access a range of internship and work placement opportunities, including our Brussels Internship Programme, Parliamentary Internship Programme and various Media Internships.

We also aim to introduce you to potential future career paths through a range of study and field visits, as well as through graduate programmes.

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