Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of East Anglia

Bachelor in Mental Health Nursing - Grado en Enfermería en Salud Mental

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of East Anglia


This Mental Health Nursing Degree course prepares you for registration with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

All the nursing programmes share a common structure of two modules a year for the three year period. Each module requires you to work other nursing students from other fields for a significant proportion of your school-based learning. You are required by the NMC to achieve a total of 4600 learning hours divided equally between theory and practice.

During year one you have a high level of contact time with lecturers which gradually decreases over the 3 year period as you become a more independent learner.

The course uses a blended learning approach which involves lectures, seminars, student-led learning, simulated practice and Enquiry Based Learning (EBL). A majority of the learning will take place in small tutorial groups, exploring different real life nursing scenarios in packages of learning.


A Level: BBB
International Baccalaureate: 31 points
Scottish Highers: BBBBB
Scottish Advanced Highers: BBB
Irish Leaving Certificate: BBBBBB
Access Course: 45 Level 3 credits at Merit



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