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Bachelor in Modern Language - Grado en Lenguas Modernas

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of East Anglia
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This programme allows you to study French, Spanish or Japanese to a high level of competence. You can begin your degree-level study if you have A level or GCSE in these languages. For Japanese or Spanish you can also start from beginners level. To complement your core language learning, you can choose to study translation issues, or the way language itself works in society and the media. Alternatively, you can take the opportunity to acquire or enhance a subsidiary language.

The language learning element of your degree will involve translation from and into English, reading and listening comprehension, précis and paraphrase work, the study of different styles and registers, lexical exercises and oral work.

Since presentation skills are vital in the contemporary work environment, you will also focus on vocal and physical projection, developing poise and managing nerves. You will also develop the skills of speaking from notes, improvisation, and being able to structure arguments coherently.


Qualification: BA (Hons)
A Level: ABB
International Baccalaureate: 32 overall
Scottish Highers: At least one Advanced Higher preferred in addition to Highers
Scottish Advanced Highers: ABB
Irish Leaving Certificate: AABBBB
Access Course: Please contact the University for further information
European Baccalaureate: 75% overall



Salidas profesionales

When you graduate, your employment prospects will be excellent. Our graduates go into a wide range of professions, from media and marketing to international banking, translation and interpreting to journalism.

With a series of career-focused workshops, employability will be an integrated part of your studies. As well as opportunities to meet our alumni and hear about their careers, you can gain valuable first-hand experience through internships and work placements, either on campus or through our connections with local schools, museums and translation agencies, or with the East of England Brussels Office.

We work closely with the University’s Careers and Employability service, which arranges a number of events and can provide one-to-one guidance as you plan your career.

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