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Bachelor in Music & Live Events - Grado en Música y Eventos en Directo

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    BA (Hons) Music & Live Events Subject to validation.


The event industry is not only growing, but it is also expanding globally. While sport provides significant event exposure, music and live events also contribute strongly to that growth.
Using the iconic Wembley Stadium as your own ‘event campus’, this degree is for all those who have an interest in how the music and live events industries work. After building a foundation of knowledge in year one, you will explore the environments that encourage the industry, and strategies to engage with it. You will cover several core topics such as event planning, and event design, as well as the key event components of marketing, stadium management, finance and event legislation. The course also provides content specific to the music industry such as tour management, sound technology, digital technologies, music industry legislation, event broadcasting and media. In year three you will be given the skills and the time to research your own chosen topic.


Applications are welcomed from students with a genuine passion and ambition to work in the football and sports industries.
The minimum academic requirement for this degree course is a 240 UCAS Tariff point score.
Other minimum requirements
Applicants will normally have achieved one of the following:
A minimum of 2 A Levels including two C grades
A BTEC Extended diploma grade DMM
A BTEC Diploma grade D*D*
A combination of BTEC and A-Level qualifications with at least two C graded A levels or Merit graded BTEC equivalents.
International Baccalaureate (minimum of 30 points)
An Advanced GNVQ in an appropriate subject at Distinction level
An Access Course: minimum of 60 credits, including at least 45 at Level 3
An equivalent level 3 qualification


This degree provides access to the music and live event industry, and the academic and practical knowledge to excel within it.


First year:

Introduction to Marketing
Most people have a view on what marketing is and what marketers actually do. Marketing has become synonymous with the ways with which firms attract customers and persuade them to purchase goods and services. But marketing is also a business philosophy that places the customer at the heart of all its activities (customer centric) and regards satisfying customer needs and wants as the only way to build sustainable competitive advantage. Students will explore the application of marketing to the modern sports industry and will learn how it has contributed to its growth both in a grassroot and a professional context.
Understanding the Music & Live Event Environment
The music environment is a fluid concept, and one that needs to be understood to fully appreciate the components of this degree programme. This module introduces students to the central management and strategic planning functions undertaken to safely operate music and live events. Students will examine core industry trends, the historical significance of industry development, and the management functions required to develop an understanding of the environment of music and live events.
Introduction to Strategic Event Management
Strategic management is a vital component at Wembley Stadium and a key part of other global venues. This module will introduce you to the central management and strategic planning functions undertaken to safely operate events. Students will examine core management functions such as facilities management, event planning, health and safety, venues utilisation, stakeholder management and the marketing of events.
Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance
This module seeks to develop an awareness of, and an understanding of, the source and purpose of financial accounting information within the organisation. It also provides students with an understanding of the structure and form of financial statements. It is also designed to encourage students to develop the skills necessary to be able to use financial information for planning, control and decision making.

Second year:

Concert Promotions & Tour Management
Concerts and tours are at the core of the music industry in terms of event delivery. This module explores all facets of concerts and tours, exploring the field from original concept to final delivery. In delivering this degree, the iconic Wembley campus allows us to work in close consultation with the industry, providing opportunities and hands-on experiences for our students in a range of event settings. Students can take advantage of the central venue, and the course explores all facets of the industry from venue and tour management to promotions. Pathways to the industry form a core part of this programme delivery.
Event Planning, Concept & Design
This module provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of planning, participating, organising and operating an event. Events in the modern sports, hospitality and entertainment industries take place in a wide variety of venues and contexts (they include different sports/activities such as football, rugby, ultimate fighting championship, event launches, after dinner speaking and awards ceremonies). There are considerable logistical elements and potential problems which must be considered in the planning process. This module provides you with a theoretical knowledge of event planning and management theory which is then applied to the practical task of managing, funding and resourcing an industry related event.
Stadium & Venue Management
The module examines stadium/venues safety issues and why managers need to maximise sources of income from a range of small and large scale events including sporting, retail, hospitality conferences and banqueting. It will draw upon the shared services of the UCFB-Wembley partnership to provide students with contextual experience of a range of stadium management issues that include stakeholder management, stadium/venue safety and operations and developing income streams. Students are required to analyse key components of stadium/venue management and they will apply their learning to contextual assessment.
Research Methods
The aim of this module provides the students with an understanding of research principles, a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and appropriate analysis tools.

Third year:
Legislation & Intellectual Property
The continuous rapid growth of the music event industry, both nationally and internationally places a proportionally strong emphasis on health and safety legislation, risk management and intellectual property within the industry. No two events are ever the same. The unique nature of music and live events requires relevant processes to be adapted and managed in order to reflect this set of unique characteristics. This module will examine and analyse theory in relation to the management aspects of legislation and intellectual property protection in events. It will introduce various concepts of theory and practice, discuss contemporary trends and challenges, and provides students with an understanding of legislative issues in event delivery.
Event Broadcasting & Media
This module introduces students to many of the challenging and complex contemporary issues that face event broadcasting and media. The rapidly-changing and demanding role of media in events will be thoroughly addressed. This module allows students to build and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the essential issues within the broad spectrum of events, media and broadcasting in a discursive manner that will underpin their knowledge application into practice. They will be encouraged to research events, themes and issues that have affected the work of event media and, in some cases, changed structure and administration in regards to broadcasting.


Digital Music Technologies (Option 1)
Advancements in Sound Technology (Option 2)

Salidas profesionales

Career prospects for graduates of the BA (Hons) Music & Live Events degree programme at UCFB include artist management, event management, operations, ticketing, finance, marketing and promotion.

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