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Bachelor in Paramedic Science - Grado en Paramedicina

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of East Anglia
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Our Paramedic Science Degree (pending HCPC approval) offers you the chance to train for a career in a rapidly expanding and exciting field. A paramedic is usually the first senior healthcare professional at an accident or medical emergency, rapidly assessing the patient’s condition and giving essential treatment if required, so well prepared paramedics are a valued commodity. As part of their role, they may administer life-saving drugs and use high-tech equipment, such as ventilators, defibrillators, electrocardiographs (ECG) machines, spinal and traction splints, and intravenous drips. Paramedics are required to make potentially life-saving decisions every day and there are lots of exciting job opportunities available.

The role of a paramedic can be very demanding, both physically and mentally and at times it can be very stressful; at others rewarding – knowing you are making a difference. Paramedics are usually one of a two-person ambulance crew, working with an ambulance technician or emergency care assistant, but may also work independently, for example in a rapid response vehicle.


Year 1
Foundations of Paramedic Practice
Communication and Personal development
Psychosocial Aspects of Out of Hospital Care
Evidence-based Practice
Practice-based learning
Year 2

Developing Paramedic Practice
Current issues in Paramedic and Out of Hospital
Evidence-based Practice
Critical Care (includes Practice-based Learning)
Year 3

Clinical Assessment, Examination & Decision Making Skills (Primary/Urgent Care)
Studies outside Paramedicine (includes non-assessed elective)
Leadership, Practice Education, Teamwork and Transition into Paramedic Practice
Service Improvement Project

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