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Bachelor in Plant Science - Grado en Máster en Botánica

Faculty of Science - University of East Anglia
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2019
  • Lugar:
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    4 Años
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    MSci Plant Science


Plant Science studies the structure and function of plants and the ways in which they relate to their environment. The applications of plant science are far reaching and impact upon areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and conservation.

The major areas of plant science are explored at an advanced level in this programme through a wide range of modules. These encompass the molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, evolution, ecology and environmental factors affecting plants.

This four year programme, as an MSci integrated undergraduate Master’s course, draws on our prestigious and long-standing expertise in postgraduate teaching. It offers you the chance to gain cutting-edge knowledge, highly developed practical skills, plus a demonstrated ability to work independently. In addition to boosting your employability, the four-year MSci is an excellent route into further study for a PhD, should you wish to develop your research interests.


A Level: ABB to include Biology
International Baccalaureate: 32 points including HL Biology at 5 and one other HL subject at 5
Scottish Highers: AABBB to include Biology and one other science subject
Scottish Advanced Highers: ABB to include Biology. Other Sciences at Advanced Higher level would confer an advantage
Irish Leaving Certificate: AABBBB at Higher Level including Biology and at least two other science subjects
Access Course: Pass the Access to HE Diploma with Distinction in 36 credits at Level 3 and Merit in 9 credits at Level 3, including 12 Level 3 credits in Biology
BTEC: DDM in a relevant subject, with at least 6 units of Biology
European Baccalaureate: 75% overall with at least 70% in Biology



Salidas profesionales

93% of our undergraduates who were available for work, found employment or study within six months of finishing their studies.

A degree from the School of Biological Sciences will provide you with a range of professional and postgraduate opportunities. Biological scientists are at the forefront of biomedical, agricultural and ecological research and you will graduate with excellent career prospects - both within science and in the wider employment market.

The knowledge, research and communication skills you develop here will also equip you to engage with wider employment sectors. A third of our graduates also progress on to higher degrees such as Masters and PhDs, taking up posts in university, medical and industrial research laboratories.

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