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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2019
  • Lugar:
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    4 Años
  • Idioma:
    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Product Design BA (Hons)


This well established course will give you all the skills you will need to design and develop successful commercial products.

Your design skills will be developed with the support of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced academics, technicians and demonstrators. The course is equipped with excellent facilities including a specialist CAD laboratory and our Manufacturing Design Centre.

During the course you will learn how to manufacture physical models and prototypes, as well as produce industry standard computer models. Throughout the course you will learn to develop your creativity and innovation to solve design problems, and learn how to address the functional, social and economic needs of your design.

You will spend Year 3 on a work placement, gaining at least 40 weeks experience in a relevant industry.


The entry requirements for this course are 104 to 120 tariff points, including 3 A-Levels, or equivalent qualifications. BTEC Extended Diploma DMM.

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence that you can understand English to a satisfactory level. English language requirements for this course are normally:

IELTS (Academic) 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each component, or equivalent.


Year 1/ Level C
Design Projects and Prototypes 1
This unit will provide you with the ability to create creative and dynamic product designs in the form of fully functioning prototypes. You will be set a series of design projects throughout the year that require the ability to bring together your expertise from the other units of the programme. As a result, you will design and make products that are both attractive to the targeted market as well as being underpinned by good scientific and design for manufacture fundamentals.

Materials and Processing
You will gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary for the intelligent selection and specification of suitable materials and production techniques for design. You will learn about the important properties of various metals, plastics, ceramics and composites and why and how they are important in selecting materials and processing methods in product design. You will also learn about the energy and other environmental issues related to materials and their processing.

Design Media
You will learn to present two and three dimension drawings, renderings and designs using both manual and computer visualisation techniques. Further, you will be shown how to present design media at a professional level in an industrial situation.

Technological Principles
You will learn how basic scientific fundamentals can help both in the generation of ideas and the proof of solutions, and gain a working knowledge and understanding of a range of mathematical, algebraic, physical and technological principles appropriate to the generation and development of realisable solutions of design problems.

User Centred Design
This unit will teach you the psychology and physiology you need to know so that you can give full consideration to the people who will use your designs. Only by taking account of such factors as user capabilities and limitations, as well as their likes and dislikes, can your designs be made both usable and pleasurable for them.

Year 2 / Level I
Design Projects and Prototypes 2
This unit will build on the project experiences in the first year and will push you to create increasingly more complex and innovative design solutions that again will be realised by you in the form of fully functioning prototypes. You will expand your array of techniques and skills and develop a wider understanding of both good practise and responsibility of the decisions that you make when creating leading product designs. Your projects will cover such needs as functionality, human interaction, branding, and design for manufacture.

Manufacturing and Production
You will further develop an understanding of the properties and uses of functional materials. You will gain a sound knowledge and understanding of modern manufacturing processes for competitive product development.

Visualisation Tools
You will develop further understanding and application of the principles of design visualisation and presentation. You will learn applied 3-D modelling techniques to aid the visualisation, realisation and presentation of their designs. You will gain the knowledge to support areas of the design process

by use of computer and/or physical modelling and presentation skills, as appropriate. You will develop an understanding and application of colour, texture and light through use of computer and/or manual techniques.

Management and Commercialisation for Technical Projects
You will be introduced to the aspects of business and management and will conclude in the final year with the Business Development unit. You will gain an understanding of how they can identify and exploit the company´s strengths and evaluate the external opportunities for competitive products.

Applied Technology
You will learn physical laws that govern the design and manufacture of products. You will further develop a working knowledge, understanding and application of an increased range of physical and technological principles relevant to the design of components, structures, machines and products.

Year 3
Industrial Placement - (minimum 40 weeks)

Year 4/ Level H
Design Projects 3
The individual design project is the most important element for both the BA and BSc option and will result in the design of a product. You will learn to solve product design problems creatively and present a well structured and professional project report. You will also use scientific, analytical and technological principles to achieve functional design solutions.

Design Prototypes 3
This unit links directly to the Design Projects 3 unit. You will manufacture a functioning prototype that is as accurate a representation of the individual design project production item as possible.

Business Development
You will gain knowledge of the importance of strategic management and how it interacts with the business development process. Your approach to strategic management and thinking will be developed to heighten your entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. This will enhance your capacity to recognise and capitalise on competitive and innovative opportunities in a changing business environment.

Humanistic Design Studies – BA (Hons) option
You will study aesthetics in design, and will learn how to incorporate these and other human considerations in your designs. You will learn how to do this via a user-centred design methodology, with its emphasis on user involvement - and the importance of evaluation - throughout the design lifecycle.

Salidas profesionales

The combination of relevant work experience, academic knowledge and practical skills that you will gain during this course will provide you with excellent career opportunities.

Recent graduates are pursuing successful careers in manufacturing industries and design consultancies, whereas others have developed their own commercial enterprises. Many students are offered permanent employment by their placement companies to take up once they have graduated.

The course’s accreditation by the Institution of Engineering Designers gives graduates the chance to study for professional qualifications upon graduation.

BU also offers students help to commercially develop their final year project, helping to turn design dreams into commercial reality.

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