Psychology at Bath Spa examines the science behind what makes people tick. This involves developing a critical understanding of the various theories that have been applied to our species (and where appropriate to other species). In order to do this students will learn how we observe people, how we conduct surveys and experiments and how we apply statistical procedures to the evidence that we have gathered.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
280–320 UCAS Tariff points.


Year 1
Introduction to Psychology;
Research Methods in Psychology (1)
Individual Differences
Year 2
Research Methods in Psychology (2)
Social Psychology
Biological and Cognitive Psychology
Criminological and Investigative Psychology
Psychology of Health
Abnormal Psychology
Year 3
Psychology Dissertation Project
Developmental Psychology
Advanced Cognitive and Biological Psychology
Social Psychology of Peace and Conflict
Counselling Psychology
Note that module choice may differ depending on routeway. Single honours students may opt to take a placement module in year two.

Salidas profesionales

We have been collecting information about where our graduates work for a number of years. Many of our ex-students are currently collecting the relevant experience needed for placement on the BPS professional psychology masters and doctorates. Many of our graduates wish to work in mental health and to achieve this successfully it is recommended by the British Psychological Society (BPS) that graduates obtain as much relevant experience as possible. As a consequence of this we have had students volunteering (during their degree as well as after it) for organisations as varied as ‘Childline’, ‘The Samaritans’ and ‘Talk to Frank’ – the drugs helpline before applying for Clinical Psychology Doctorate programmes. We have several working in hospitals in jobs from orderly to assistant psychologist in preparation for their application.

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