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Bachelor Religions, Philosophies and Ethics - Grado en Religiones, Filosofía y Ética

College of Liberal Arts - Bath Spa University
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    BA (Hons) Religions, Philosophies and Ethics


This Religions, Philosophies and Ethics course is recognised for drawing together different disciplines and traditions of thought. You’ll address these individually, as well as exploring the connections between them.

You’ll gain insights into fundamentally different ways of seeing and explaining the world, reflecting on your own beliefs, values and assumptions. Intellectually challenging, you’ll consider practical responses to current issues, through projects with environmental charities, faith groups, and community organisations.

You’ll explore religions, philosophies and ethics from a global perspective, not just a Western one. We examine the philosophies and ethics of the Indian subcontinent and China, and a range of religious traditions, from Buddhism to Christianity to Paganism.

We relate these systems and traditions to topical and emerging issues in the contemporary world: gender, identity, our relationship to the natural work and environmental crisis, among many others. The course is dynamic, staying up-to-date with changing religious and philosophical thinking, and the context in which these changes takes place. It demands, and helps you to develop, rigorous and systematic thinking.


Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
260–300 UCAS Tariff points.


Year One
We introduce you to the study of religions as an academic discipline, including the study of contemporary religious traditions from Druidry to the Bahá’i faith. You’ll be introduced to the principles of philosophical and ethical enquiry. These are the building blocks of the course, alongside a number of optional modules.

Year Two
You’ll examine philosophies in the Indian and Chinese traditions. There are optional modules which explore contemporary morality, environmental ethics and politics, and some of the major religious traditions.

Year Three
You’ll undertake fieldwork on a religious community, staying with them for a short period of time and observing current practice. Students have travelled to the Samyeling Buddhist monastery in Scotland, a Christian convent, or worked with the Salvation Army. You’ll find more information about this unique aspect of the course on our Living Religion website.

Optional modules explore issues in contemporary religion, philosophy and society. You can opt to undertake detailed research or an employment-related project through the Dissertation and Advanced Project modules.

Salidas profesionales

Our graduates have careers in:

The police service
Health administration
Social work
Many graduates go on to train as teachers – the course is widely respected as a foundation for a career in education.

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