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Bachelor Religions, Philosophies and Ethics - Grado en Religiones, Filosofía y Ética

School of Humanities and Cultural Industries - Bath Spa University
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    UK/EU students £9,000
    International students £12,015
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    Consultar rellenando el formulario
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    Reino Unido
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    3 Años
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    BA (Hons) Religions, Philosophies and Ethics
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    Religions, Philosophies and Ethics explores responses to ultimate questions and crucial issues facing humanity. We adopt global, contemporary and applied approaches to the exploration of these questions and issues.

    The course is offered as a Specialised Award, which means that you are not required to combine it with any other subject. Alternatively, you may study either Philosophy & Ethics or Study of Religions as part of a Combined Degree with another subject.


    Typical offer range for UK / EU applicants
    260–300 UCAS Tariff points.



    Year 1

    Beyond Belief: Introduction to the Study of Religions and Spiritualities (Core Module)
    Truth and Value: Introduction to Philosophical and Ethical Enquiry (Core Module)
    Global Religions and Philosophies
    Spirituality, Culture and Civilisation: An Introduction to Faith and Belief in Global Perspective
    Philosophy and Thinking in Schools
    Medieval and Renaissance Worlds
    Year 2

    Darshana, Dharma and Dao: Philosophy in the Indian and Chinese Traditions (Core Module)
    Exploring Global Christianity
    Power, Duty and Desire: Life and Liberation in the Hindu Tradition
    Ethics, Religion and Humanism: Contemporary Moral Dilemmas
    Religion and Heritage
    Film and Philosophy
    Buddhism: Historical and Doctrinal Developments
    Saints and Soldiers: Mysticism, Militancy and Modernity in the Sikh Tradition
    Philosophy, Religions and the Environment
    Special Project
    Year 3

    Studying Religions in the Contemporary World (Core Module)
    Employment related placement (alternative to Dissertation)
    Buddhism in Practice
    Religion, Philosophy and Gender
    Life and Meaning
    Advanced Special Project
    The Song of the Lord: Hinduism, Religion, Scripture and the Bhagavadgita
    Spiritual Revolution: Pagan, New and Alternative Religions in the 21st Century
    Religion, Culture and Society in Japan
    Muslim Migration and Islam in Europe
    Without Fear or Favour: National and International Perspectives on Religion, Culture and Education
    Culture and Counterculture: From Orientalism to the ‘Hippy Trail’

    Salidas profesionales

    Graduate careers for which Study of Religions is good preparation include:

    Teaching and other careers in education
    Social Work
    Hospital administration
    Local government

    Graduate careers for which Philosophy is good preparation include:

    Civil service
    Local government
    Financial institutions

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