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Bachelor in Social Policy and Criminology - Grado en Políticas Sociales y Criminología

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities - University of Westminster
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    309 Regent Street
    London W1B 2
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    3 Años
  • Idioma:
    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Social Policy and Criminology BA Honours
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    Crime and law-and-order issues are never far from the front pages and the attempts of the police and the civil authorities to ´fight´ crime are a never-ending subject of political and policy debate. Westminster´s arresting new combination of Social Policy and Criminology offers you a unique insight into our understanding of criminal behaviour and equips you with the practical skills to understand, research and evaluate policy and the policy-making process.

    Criminologists are concerned with questions about who commits crimes, and how offenders should be punished. They are also concerned with how crime and victimisation are constructed in the media. Our expert lecturers in Criminology have many years´ experience of delivering highly regarded theoretical and practical programmes, and our Social Policy programme is delivered by specialists from the prestigious Policy Studies Institute (PSI). Our PSI team are all professional researchers, actively engaged in real policy research and evaluation.


    Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

    Changes and Challenges to the Welfare State
    Gender and Social Policy
    History and Crime
    Introduction to Criminology
    Introduction to Social Policy
    Law and Criminal Justice
    Shaping Social Policy: Stakeholders and the Policy-making Process
    Year 2 and 3 (Credit Levels 5 and 6)

    Criminological Theory
    Social Research Methods
    Social Policy Evaluation
    Social Policy and Criminology
    Punishment and Society
    Youth, Crime and Criminal Justice
    Race, Crime and Criminal Justice
    Environment, Sustainability and Social Policy
    Work, Welfare and Employability
    Social Policy and Criminology Dissertation
    Ethnic Diversity: Multicultural London
    Social Policy Work Placement
    Victims of Crime
    Gender, Crime and Justice
    Crime In the International Context
    Crime Prevention
    Crimes of the Powerful
    Civil Liberties and Human Rights in the UK
    Work Experience In Socio-Legal Studies and Criminology
    Policing and Social Order
    Images of Crime: Explorations in Cultural Criminology
    Cybercrime and Society
    Crime and the City
    Work Experience: Practice and Reflection


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