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Bachelor in Society, Culture and Media - Grado en Sociedad, Cultura y Medios de Comunicación

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - University of East Anglia


This very popular degree programme not only provides you with core knowledge of social studies, it also enables you to develop an understanding of the ways that contemporary media relates to culture and to society.

By studying the BA Society, Culture and Media course you can combine the study of culture and its politics with the study of cinema, or employ the critical thinking skills of philosophy and apply them to understanding modern media and culture. There are also modules that emphasise linguistic approaches to media, the relationship between culture and society, new media and the politics of mass media.

Culture is a vital component of our society, covering the way we talk, act and interact in our own lives. By studying this course you will be encourage to examine not only the rituals and ceremonies distinctive to a particular society´s culture, but also the tastes, lifestyles and fashions that we use to define our individual identity.


Qualification: BA (Hons)
A Level: ABB
International Baccalaureate: 32
Scottish Highers: At least one Advanced Higher preferred in addition to Highers
Scottish Advanced Highers: ABB
Irish Leaving Certificate: AABBBB
Access Course: Please contact the University for further information
European Baccalaureate: 75%



Salidas profesionales

We know how important it is for you to lay the foundations for your future career. Our graduates have gone on to a broad range of positions, including in Local Government and in the European Parliament.

During your studies you will be able to access a range of internship and work placement opportunities, including our Brussels Internship Programme, Parliamentary Internship Programme and various Media Internships.

We also aim to introduce you to potential future career paths through a range of study and field visits, as well as through graduate programmes.

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