We offer a unique programme of study that embeds key research methods in all three years of study. We offer specialist pathways in gender, race, education and cultural studies, as well as a wide range of other modules. Our work experience module provides a valuable bridge between academia and the world of work, with an emphasis on personal development and career planning.


Sociology at Westminster is a hub of interaction and exchange, hosting a dialogue between students from all over the world, between different classes, cultures and beliefs. Our teaching begins at this fascinating social intersection, using our students’ rich experience as the starting point of sociological investigation, and using London’s vibrant cultures and subcultures, institutions, museums and galleries as our greatest learning resource.

Our highly experienced, research-active staffs are experts in their fields, and will provide you with essential theoretical, analytical, and practical tools for understanding the contemporary world. A degree in Sociology prepares you for most professional careers by developing critical self- and social awareness. You will develop invaluable transferable skills in abstract and conceptual thinking, and receive comprehensive training in social research methods – from the analysis of online texts to in-depth interviews and statistical research.


Year 1 (Credit Level 4)

Core modules:

Researching Society
Self and Society
Thinking Sociologically: Understanding the Material and Cultural Nature of Society
Option modules:

Globalisation and the Media
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Key Concepts in Cultural Studies: Culture and Everyday Life
Understanding Race: the Key Debates
Year 2 (Credit Level 5)

Core modules:

Analysing the Social
Sociological Research Methods
Theorising Modernity Option Modules: Contemporary Issues in Education
Culture, Structure and Identity
Women, Gender and Power
Year 3 (Credit Level 6)

Core modules:

Sociology Dissertation
Theorising Postmodernity
Option Modules:

Applied Social Research
Body and Society
Britain in a Global Context
Consuming Race in a Globalised World
Feminist Theory and Sexual Politics
Gender and Education
Gender, Ethnicities and Cultural Representations
Masculinities, Gender and Change
Pleasures and Perils: A London Sociology of Leisure
Power and the Media
Race and Ethnicity
Women, Family and Social Policy
Work Experience module

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