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Bachelor in Spanish and Geography (4 year) - Grado en Español y Geografía

College of Arts and Humanities - Swansea University
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    Annual tuition fees for entry in the academic year 2015/16 are as follows:
    UK/EU £9,000
    International £13,400
  • Comienzo:
    Consultar rellenando el formulario
  • Lugar:
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    4 Años
  • Condiciones:
    You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit the University´s scholarships and bursaries page.
  • Idioma:
    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    BA Spanish and Geography (4 year)
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    The BA Spanish and Geography degree offers you the opportunity to study a major world language and discover the rich history of Spain, Portugal and Latin America, not to mention the chance to experience life in a Spanish-speaking country first-hand.


    All applicants receive individual consideration. Our preferred offer for UK applicants is ABB-BBB at A-level, including a B in a Modern Language and B in Geography. However, flexible offers are made on review of the application form, after taking into consideration the subjects studied, predicted or achieved grades, reference and personal statement.

    For candidates offering the International Baccalaureate, a typical offer would be 32 points. We ask for Welsh Baccalaureate plus BB at A-level. Access candidates should have 18 Distinction and 18 Merits. Candidates studying for American qualifications should have a minimum of 550 in each part of the SAT reasoning and subject tests (or 1650 overall). We require a minimum IELT score of 6.0.


    Year 1 (Level 4)
    HE Level 4 Degree / HECert
    Students must choose between 50 and 70 credits from the following:

    Compulsory Modules
    Module Name
    Global environmental change: The human impact
    People Place and Nation
    Global Shifts: Towards a New World Order?

    Optional Modules
    Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Sgiliau Daearyddol
    Geographical skills

    Choose Exactly 10 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Cynaladwyedd mewn byd bregus
    Sustainability in a fragile world

    Optional BA Modules
    Choose Minimum Of 10 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Methodoleg Maes Amgylcheddol
    Amgylchedd Cymru
    Cymdeithas Cymru Gyfoes
    Earth in action: an introduction to Earth Surface Processes
    Earth´s Changing Face
    Geographical Methods: Field Project Practicals (for Human Geography Students)
    Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies
    Moving Worlds: Mobilities and Migrations

    Year 2 (Level 5)
    HE Level 5 Degree / HEDip

    Optional Modules
    Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Dadansoddi Data
    Data Analysis

    GEG263/GEG264 Research Methods
    Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Social Research Methods
    Environmental Research Methods

    GEG252 Fieldtrips
    Choose Exactly 20 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Geographical Fieldwork skills: Austria
    Geographical Fieldwork skills: Mallorca
    Geographical Fieldwork skills: New York
    Geographical Fieldwork skills: Vancouver

    Optional JH BA or BSC Modules
    Choose Minimum Of 10 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Y Byd Peryglus
    Hamdden, Cymdeithas a Gofod
    Geomorffoleg Afonol
    Dangerous Earth: Understanding and Living with Natural Hazards
    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    Glacial Environments and Processes, past and present
    Creative Geographies
    Reconstructing Quaternary Environmental Change
    Regional Economic Development and Policy
    Marginal Geographies
    Boundaries and Connections in Social Geography
    Geographies of disease, health and well-being
    The Earth from Space: Monitoring Global Environmental Change
    Earth history
    Geological Record of Environmental Change

    Year 3 (Level 5 YR OUT)
    HE Level 5 Sandwich Year
    Compulsory Modules
    Module Name
    Geography with European Studies

    Year 4 (Level 6)
    HE Level 6 Degree / Honours

    Optional Modules
    Optional Modules XBISAGEB
    Choose Maximum Of 70 credits from the following Modules:

    Module Name
    Environment and Society in Sikkim (Indian Himalayas)
    Lleoliad Gwaith
    Violent Geographies
    Geographical Research Frontiers
    Work Placement
    Dissertation Report (Joint Honours)
    Contemporary Rural Britain
    Geographies of National Identity
    Geographies of Forced Migration and Asylum
    Humid Tropical Environments and Landscapes
    Plate Tectonics and Global Geophysics
    Poststructuralist Cities
    Environmental Modelling
    Climate of the last 1000 years
    Applied hydrogeology: the Earth´s groundwater resources

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