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    Septiembre 2022
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    89 Holdenhurst Road
    Bournemouth BH8 8EB
    Reino Unido
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    4 Años
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    BSc (Hons) Sports Management


We´ve developed this dynamic course following extensive consultation with numerous industry bodies, including Sport England, CIMSPA and various national governing bodies to make sure it´s as relevant as possible to the ever-changing sports industry.

As a result, this course has a blend of academic and practical elements combining to produce well-rounded graduates who are ready for the world of work. You’ll gain varied practical experience throughout your course thanks to your 30-week work placement. The course covers all aspects of sport, management and business, something that many graduates lack according to our contacts in the industry. 90% of our final year students agree our staff are good at explaining things – why not come and meet us?

Our brand new sport performance laboratories enable you to measure the impact that changes to a training regime can have, and how you as a coach can use that information to better athletes or a team’s performance.


The entry requirements for this course are 104 to 120 tariff points, including 2 A-levels or equivalent qualifications. BTEC Extended Diploma: DMM.

If English is not your first language, you will need to provide evidence that you can understand English to a satisfactory level. English language requirements for this course are normally:

IELTS (Academic) 6.0 with minimum 5.5 in each component, or equivalent.


For this course we are looking for applicants who:

Show passion for developing and working within the sports industry
Show signs of developing into a well-rounded leaders and team players
Want to learn about the management issues surrounding the sports industry
Have a passion for working with people in order to bring the best out of them
Are looking to develop themselves as people.


Year 1
In your first year, you´ll look at a variety of subjects will to help you understand the wider sporting context.

Core units
Financial Reporting for Sport: An introduction to the techniques used for recording and reporting on financial information in a small business, sports club or society. You´ll develop problem-solving, numeric and analytical skills.

Operations Management: The practical management of sports facilities, covering operational ideas about sports management. You´ll investigate the development of sports management as a profession and look at current legislation and practice. You´ll be introduced to the importance of planning and resourcing in a sports management role.

Research Skills: Gain the academic skills you´ll need in higher education. You´ll learn about how to find and use academic literature and the best ways of submitting your work.

Social Perspectives in Sport: Learn about social issues in sport, including how sociological theories can be applied to sports. You´ll develop skills to help you place your own sporting experiences in a sociological setting.

Health & Fitness Management: The inner-workings of fitness centre management, and the challenges this industry faces. You´ll learn why it´s important to adopt a client-centred approach when working within the health and fitness industry.

Sport Marketing: You´ll be taught about the links between a strategic approach to marketing in a dynamic and complex service industry, the relevance of marketing planning for a sports organisation and how to use marketing tactics. You´ll develop intellectual skills that are subject specific and transferable.

Year 2
In year 2, you´ll gain more subject specific knowledge and the skills you´ll need to work effectively during your industrial work placement in year 3.

Core units
Research Methods: How research is important for understanding sport. You´ll gain skills for collecting, analysing and presenting data. You´ll learn about research ethics, and appreciate the diverse nature of research activity in sport contexts.

Events Management for Sport: You´ll learn about different event management theories and how to practice them, whilst developing a positive attitude to risk-taking and entrepreneurship through creative and innovative thinking. The unit draws on other disciplines, including finance, marketing and resource management.

Financial Appraisal for Sport: Gain the skills you´ll need to effectively plan, monitor and control finances in the sport sector. You´ll develop short and medium-term strategic decision making defined by financial criteria, along with problem-solving, numeric and analytical skills.

Personal & Professional Development in Sport: You´ll be taught about the relationships between personnel and human resource management in the management of people in sport organisations. You´ll learn about the range of personnel and human resources practices in sport organisations, and the legal frameworks which govern the management of people in sport organisations.

Consumer Cultures for Sport: Consumer cultures, consumption practices and consumer theories in the spot industry. You´ll get opportunities to analyse the processes that influence human behaviour and modern issues in consumption, culture and society.

Managing Sports Development: This unit is designed to provide you with a contextual understanding of sport policies, processes and practices involved in the management of sport development in England. The unit will analyse the structure and systems of sport governance and the operational functions of national sports organisations.

Year 3
Placement: A (minimum) 30-week supervised work placement in the UK or overseas which gives you the opportunity to turn theory into practice in a business environment. Our Sport and Physical Activity Research Centre has excellent links with sporting organisations, health and fitness clubs and national governing bodies in both the UK and Australia. This includes Sport England, UK Sport, David Lloyd, Fitness First, Holmes Place and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Year 4
In your final year, you´ll get the opportunity to merge your academic and industrial skills and choose a unit that reflects your interest.

Core units

Dissertation: A piece of independent work that involves collecting, interpreting and analysing data. You´ll share your key findings through a sustained and balanced argument. The dissertation will develop your analytical and problem solving skills. You´ll develop a critical attitude to research methods, and the ethical issues associated with researching.

Consultancy Project: Gain skills in researching a business problem, identifying solutions and making proposals that satisfy a corporate client’s needs and circumstances.

Strategic Sport Management: Learn how to manage a service-based organisation in a dynamic environment. You´ll develop intellectual skills that are subject-specific and transferable.

Option unitis (choose two)
Critical Notational Analysis in Sport
Managing Performance Coaching
Marketing & Corporate Communications
Professionalism & Leadership
Small Business Management
Sport, Physical Education & Pedagogy
Sport Tourism
Critical Sport Development
Digital Marketing
Financial Management
Hospitality Management
Performance Analysis in Coaching
Sport & the Law
Sport, Leisure & Politics
Sports Marketing

Salidas profesionales

Assistant manager
Digital marketing assistant
Events coordinator
Marketing & PR executive
Project manager.

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