At Westminster we train competent linguists in modern languages ready to enter graduate employment. We place particular emphasis on employability and the contemporary cultural context, and this course gives you professionally oriented training in the skills, knowledge and competencies which will allow you (typically following further postgraduate training) to develop a career as a professional translator.

Our graduates have also found employment as interpreters, teachers (both in foreign languages and English as a Foreign Language), and in various other sectors including law, marketing, journalism, and the Civil Service.


In your major language you will study modules from the following strands: Languages in Action (focus on professional context and communication skills in and out of your chosen language), Bilingual Translation (theories of translation and their application) and Translation as Cultural Practice (issues of translation in culture and society). You will study Language Development modules for your second language or a set of core modules for Linguistics. If your entry point is intermediate (post-A), then you will study Language Development in your main language, effectively taking a single Honours degree in French or Spanish.

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