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Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Management + Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

ESIC University - ESIC University
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  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2023
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    Avda. de Valdenigrales, s/n
    Madrid 28223
  • Duración:
    5 Años
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Management + Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


ESIC University in Madrid offers a Degree in Business Administration and Management, an official degree that is highly acknowledged by the business world and will enable you to face any business challenge.

This degree prepares you to take on these tasks with the maximum responsibility and efficacy.

The Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Management provides participants with a high-quality training on business management, marketing and market research.

Student profile: students who wish to work in the business world, dedicated to company coordination and management.

In addition, ESIC University in Madrid incorporates specific additional training for marketing and commercial management, to provide you with the best tools and skills to handle any business challenge.


Interested in the global visión of the company.
Logical-analytical capacity.
Business management, financial management, comercial and people management.
Incorporation of the digital economy in business processes.


Frist year

First semester [BBAM]
Economic History
Corporate Mathematics
Introduction to Corporations I
Professional Ethics, Basic Principals of Law and Equality (Professional Ethics)
History of Spanish Institutions (Humanities)

First semester [DEI]
Chinese I
Business Models II: Product-Market Fit

Second semestre [BBAM]
Introduction to Economics
Financial Mathematics
Introduction to Corporations II
Mercantile Law
Computer Science Applied to Corporations

Second semester [DEI]
Chinese II
Agile Methodologies
P Own cualification   BE Basic Training   COM Compulsory Course

Second year

First semester [BBAM]
Introduction to Marketing and Communications at the Company
Financial Accounting I
Corporate Statistics I
Corporate Sociology

First semester [DEI]
Business Models II: Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem I
Critical Thinking

Second semester [BBAM]
Financial Accounting II
Production Management
Corporate Statistics II
Marketing Management

Second semester [DEI]
Christian Social Thinking
Negotiation and Selling Methods

Annual [BBAM]

Third year

First semester [BBAM]
Corporate Taxation
Strategic Management and Corporate Politics I
Analytical Accounting
Commercial Management
Financial Management I
Corporate Decision Methods

First semester [DEI]
Personal Competences I: Personal Brand & Networking
Business Models II: Intrapreneurship

Second semester [BBAM]
Management Information Systems
Strategic Management and Corporate Politics II
Human Resources
Financial Management II
Balance Analysis II
National and International Economic Enviroment of the Firm

Second semester [DEI]
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem II: Finance and Law
Narrative Methods

Fourth year

First semester [BBAM]
Labour Law
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3
Elective 4
Academic Recognition of Credits

Second semester [DEI]
Business Ethics
Business Models IV: Go To Market
Personal Competences II: Leading, Self-Managing and Managing Teams
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem III: Presence at Trade Fairs, Companies, Boorcamps and Awards
Esic Garage I: Coach in Teams

Annual [BBAM]
External Practices
End of Degree Proyect

Electives BBAM
Operations Management in Services Corporation
Administrative Law in Regulated Sectors
Business Simulator
Organizational Behavior and Design
Corporate Accounting
International Economic Analysis
Corporate Assessment and Acquisition
Global and International Marketing
Sectorial Marketing
Political Marketing

Fifth year

First semester [DEI]
Digital Production I
Global Innovation: Structure, Product and Processes
Elective Subject I
Elective Subject II
Esic Garage II: Coach in Teams

Second semester [DEI]
Elective Subject III
Personal Competences III: Debating, Public Speaking and Interpretation Techniques
Digital Production I
Global Mindset
Esic Garage III: Coach in Teams

*Students enrolled in the Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration and Management by ESIC University will in turn receive ESIC University´s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, granting 135 additional credits to those already obtained in the BBAM syllabus.

Salidas profesionales

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
SME manager
Director of planning
Company consultant and advisor
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
HR manager
Marketing manager
Commercial manager
Market analyst
Brand manager
Business intelligence analyst
Product or sales manager
Key account manager


Participants with creative potential and interest for new technologies and digital economy who want to develop their career and capabilities in the marketing, sales and/or market research area.

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