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Tourism is one of the current engines of the world economy generating employment and welfare for the whole of our society. For this reason, it is vital to maintain a high level of quality in the tourism sector, with the support of a university education to provide specialized knowledge - a basis for innovation and growth-, and skilled people to contribute to maintain and improve the levels of competitiveness in the sector.

The Degree in Tourism CETT-UB is a university education approved and fully adapted to the requirements of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA). From CETT-UB we have been working from the very beginning to achieve the highest degree of adaptability and ease of mobility of students. Given the multidisciplinary nature and numerous opportunities for professional development offered, the Bachelor Degree provides a curriculum that allows different levels of expertise in the field of tourism.


English level: First Certificate


The Tourism Degree curriculum is organized into four academic years with 60 ECTS credits each.

The first two academic years are basic training that is common to all students.
For students to receive the Tourism Degree, they must successfully pass all of the credits that make up the curriculum.

First year
Economics in Tourism
Tourism and its Global impact
Law in Tourism
Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management
Accounting in Tourism Companies
Fundamentals of Research in Tourism
Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Geography and Tourism

Second year
Policies in Tourism
Tourism and Mobility
Marketing Research
Strategic and operational marketing
Economic and financial management in tourism companies
Analysis of Tourism destinations
Practicum I

In the 3rd and $th year students choose modules according to the specialization: Tourism Management or Hospitality Management.

Salidas profesionales

Head of tourism projects in big cities- Director of campaigns for the promotion of destinations - Expert in Management for the Public Administration- Coordinator for visitors customer service- Manager of Leisure areas- Manager of tourist destinations- Tourist guide- Responsible for marketing- Responsible for revitalization programs- Responsible for the tourism office- Expert in digital tools and cartography for tourism.
Professional organizer of conferences, events and incentive meetings - Expert in conferences - Booking responsible - RRPP- Project Manager- MICE planner - Expert DMC - Incentive schemes Manager - Head of sales- Administration... Expert in tourism mobility - Commercial director - GDS Responsible - Customer service Responsible - RRPP - Responsible for crews management - TCP (cabin crew)...

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