The Catholic University of Murcia has designed the transition from FP to the degree of Physical activity and sports science, with direct access, for those who come to take a Higher Education Training. They just have to take two or three academic courses, according to the recognized subjects. The Bachelor Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science is an Official Accredited Program by ANECA, the National Agency of Evaluation of Quality and Accreditation.
UCAM counts with young and highly qualified academic staff. Each international student is guided by it´s personal tutor and in addition for athletes a sports tutor can be assigned in order to harmonize the academic and sport life. Our experience in the field of sports and the international approach of our programs help the students to fully develop a wide rage of career opportunities and research projects. The University owns new campus facilities and modern infrastructure, UCAM Sports Center being the largest gym and fitness studio in Murcia.


Bachiller LOGSE con selectividad, bachillerato internacional homologado, ciclos formativos de grado superior o F.P. 2º grado, prueba de acceso para mayores de 25 años, acceso para mayores de 40 años con experiencia profesional, titulación universitaria y pruebas de acceso propias


Sport and physical and sports practices. Physical Education and teaching sport and physical activity. Social and Behavioral Sciences applied to the practice of physical activity and sport. Exercise Physiology, oriented towards health and sport performance. Morphological Sciences, Biomechanics and Ergonomics applied to physical activity and sport.


Historical Foundations of Sport
Conceptual Principles of Sport Sciences
Sport Psychology and Behavioral Analysis
Pedagogical Principles in Sport
Human Anatomy
Combat Sports and Sports Implements
Racket Sports
Sports Initiative Principles
Individual and Collective Sports I
Theology and Holy Scripture
Dance and Physical Expression.

Sports Physiology
Sociocultural Principles of Sport
Data Analysis
Development and Motor Control
Biomechanics in Sport
Motor Skills and Motor Skills Games
Individual and Collective Sports II
Gymnastic Sports and Sports and Music
Physical Activity in the Outdoors
Water Sports and Board Sports
Theology II and Moral.

Teaching and Learning Processes in Physical Activities and Sport
Test and Register Tools
Training Methodology
Physical Conditioning
Physical Activity and Health
Sport Facilities and Equipment
New Technologies Applied to Physical Activity and Sport
Administration and Assessment of Physical Activity and Sport
New Technologies Applied to Physical Activity and Sport
Prescription of Physical Activity and Sport
Organization of Sport Systems
Social Doctrine of the Church.

Research Methodology in Physical Activity and Sport
Sport Training Control
Personal Training and Fitness
Special Needs Groups
Disability and Sport
Sport Planning and Management
Sports Recreation
Final Degree Project.


(CT1) Capacidad de análisis y síntesis. (CT2) Capacidad de organización y planificación. (CT3) Comunicación oral y escrita en lengua nativa. (CT8) Toma de Decisiones. (CT9) Trabajo en equipo. (CT11) Habilidad en relaciones interpersonales. (CT13) Razonamiento crítico. (CT15) Aprendizaje autónomo. (CT16) Adaptación a nuevas situaciones. (CT18) Creatividad. (CT21) Motivación por la calidad.


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