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Biochemistry Degree Programme – Grado en Bioquímica

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    Biochemistry Degree Programme – Grado en Bioquímica.


In 2015 the Biochemistry course scored 100% for student satisfactionin the National Student Survey.

Keele’s Biochemistry programmes offer broad and stimulating coverage of modern biochemistry. Whether you choose dual honours, majorminor or single honours, you’ll be studying life at the molecular level, investigating the most exciting areas of contemporary life science and medical research. You might explore the secrets of the human genome, or the individually tailored molecular therapies of the future.

Particular emphasis is placed on human and mammalian biochemistry, especially relating to health and disease. Single honours includes more biochemistry modules and also includes choices from a pool of elective modules (either directly related or free choice). You can create a four year degree by doing a work placement between the second and third year.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core Modules:
Nature’s Tools: Proteins and Enzymes
Metabolism: Major Metabolic Pathway
Information and Inheritance
Cells and Organelles: Biochemical Aspects of Cell Biology
Case Studies in Biochemistry
Biochemistry Research Techniques

Optional Modules:
Human Physiology and Pathology
Chemical Concepts and Structure
Free elective or language module
Chemical Properties and Reactions

Second year

Core Modules:
Gene and Protein Engineering
Molecular, Cellular and Structural Immunology
Metabolism in Health and Disease
Endocrinology and Cell Signalling
Microbes, Viruses and Parasites
Medical Glycobiology

Optional Modules:
Human Genetics
Research and Analytical Skills
Free elective or language module

Third year

Core Modules:
Life Sciences Double Experimental Project (with research skills assessment) Or
Applied Life Sciences Placement
Acquisition, Analysis and Communication of Information
Case Studies in Biotechnology

Optional Modules:
Advances in Medicine
Human Parasitology
Structural Biology and Macromolecular Function
Biochemistry and Therapy of Disease
Clinical Pathology
Biology of Disease
Free elective or language module

Salidas profesionales

When you graduate, the broad and detailed understanding of biochemistry you’ll have developed at Keele will open up a world of appealing career options. You could choose to work in a directly related field, perhaps as a clinical biochemist, medical bioscientist, forensic scientist, research scientist, toxicologist or analytical chemist. Or you might branch out a little further, and become a health and safety inspector, training standards officer, science writer or technical author.

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