• Imparte:
  • Modalidad:
  • Precio:
    24.000 €
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    C/ Julián Romea 23,
    Madrid 28003
  • Duración:
    340 ECTS
  • Idioma:
    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    -Official degree issued by CEU San Pablo University. -CEU San Pablo Bilingual Program Diploma. -International Business Certificate (IBC) issued by Boston University.
  • Otras Convocatorias:


    In 2003 the School of Business and Economics of CEU San Pablo University started its bilingual program and, since then, has offered students the possibility to study some of the subjects of their degree in Business Administration in English.


    In addition to the regular University access examinations taken by all students, the admission procedure for the Bilingual Degree includes a written English test (TOEFL-ITP) and a one-to-one interview in English. With these tests, the University can ensure that the students are sufficiently motivated and interested in their future studies.
    They must also assess whether the students have the appropriate level of English to be able to follow and participate satisfactorily in class, understand the teachers’ explanations, take notes, look for information from additional sources and write assignments and exams satisfactorily.

    Before participating in the first Module of the program, students must obtain a score of 530 or higher in the TOEFL test (71 points in the Internet Based Test). Students who do not obtain this score will have to leave the program. To be eligible to participate in the semester at Boston University students must obtain a minimum score of 550 points (79 points in the Internet Based Test).


    The main goal of the School of Business and Economics with this bilingual degree is to give students the opportunity to develop a profile that will improve their entry into the job market and enable them to acquire professional skills in both English and Spanish. Students who successfully complete the program taught by Boston University will receive the International Business Certificate (IBC), issued by this prestigious institution.
    Fully aware of the importance of languages in the world of business, the bilingual degrees at CEU San Pablo University combine the academic excellence required in the programs taught in Spanish with the development of skills and abilities in a second language, English. The essential objective of bilingual degrees is for students to
    be able to use the knowledge they acquire in the two languages and, also, to give them the experience of studying in other countries, which is a compulsory part of these degrees. An additional benefit is that students get to know another teaching and university education system.


    As part of the bilingual degree, students also participate in three Modules taught in Madrid by professors from Boston University and an academic stay of one semester in Boston. The Boston University professors impart a total of 300 teaching hours. In all these subjects students are evaluated using the criteria and methodology established by the teaching staff of Boston University.

    The three Modules taught in Madrid correspond to a minimum of 30 teaching hours, including preparation and practical classes and take place during March in first, second and third year:
    Module 1. International Project Management
    Module 2. Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Systems and Web Design
    Module 3. The Innovative Process: New Products and Services for World Markets


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