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Certificate Program Performing Arts Fundamentals - Programa en Fundamentos de Interpretación Artística

School of Communications, Media and Design - Centennial College - Toronto


Centennial College´s Performing Arts Fundamentals program, offered by the School of Communications, Media and Design, provides students with the foundation they need to explore a wide range of career opportunities in the performing arts. Students will develop core skills in music, theatre and dance, but can customize their program through advanced elective courses and express their talents in collaborative, multi-disciplinary performance projects. Students will also attend shows and network with leading industry professionals throughout the cultural hub of Toronto and will leave the program with a personalized, professional video portfolio to help launch their career or explore additional performing arts education options.

Graduates from this arts certificate program will have the opportunity for direct entry into any of the following programs at Centennial College´s School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design at the Story Arts Centre: Dance Performance (2 year Diploma), Music Industry Arts and Performance (3 year Advanced Diploma) or Theatre Arts and Performance (3 year Advanced Diploma). Minimum grade requirements will apply.


Grade 12 English C or U or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for admission.

Additional Requirements
Candidates are asked to complete an ungraded, online questionnaire describing their experience and interests in the performing arts.


Start Date:Fall

Semester 1
College Communication 1
Jazz 1
Private Lessons 1
Introduction to Commercial Dance
Introduction to Acting
Introduction to Music
Contemporary Performance Analysis
Creativity in Context
Script Reading & Analysis I: Canadian Playwrights

Semester 2
College Communication 2
General Education Elective
Professionalism in the Performing Arts
Introduction to Arts Industry
Interdisciplinary Ensemble
Commercial Dance 2
Private Lessons 2
Creative Roles in the Theatre

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