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Criminology Degree Programme – Grado en Criminología

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    Criminology Degree Programme – Grado en Criminología.
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    Keele pioneered the teaching of criminology at undergraduate level in the UK, and we continue to offer a dynamic and cutting edge programme. You will learn from criminological researchers who specialise in areas such as policing, prisons and community justice, systems of justice and of punishment.

    Criminology is a rapidly developing field which draws on insights and methods from disciplines such as law, social science, cultural studies and psychology to explore crime, crime control and justice from a range of perspectives. You will examine such issues as the impact of crime on society and on its victims. You will be able to gain insights into how society responds to crime through systems of crime control, the workings of our criminal justice institutions, as well as through media representations. You will gain a critical understanding and detailed insight into the politics and development of criminal justice policy. You will learn about the nature and causes of crime and offending and also explore the methods used to collect and analyse criminological data, which are vital skills for a future career in criminal justice.

    Whilst studying Criminology at Keele you may be able to apply for opportunities to gain hands-on experience through volunteering in the community and/or work experience with external agencies who work in criminal justice or resettlement.


    We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
    Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
    Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


    First year

    Core modules:
    Understanding Crime
    Criminal Justice: Process, Policy and Practice

    Elective modules:
    Psychology and Crime
    Investigating Crime: Criminological Perspectives
    Punishment: Beyond the Popular Imagination

    Second year

    Core modules:
    Crime and Justice in a Global Context
    Research Methods in Criminology

    Elective modules:
    Crime, Culture and Conflict 1700-1914
    Policing and the Police
    Working for Justice (prerequisite for the placement module at level 6)
    Mental Health and Offending

    Third year

    Elective modules:
    Criminology Dissertation
    Gender, History and Punishment 1486-1955
    The Politics and Cultures of the Death Penalty in the 21st Century
    Power, Process and Victimisation
    Risk and Criminal Justice
    Criminology Work Placement
    Popular Culture and Crime
    Criminology Dissertation
    Drugs: High Crimes or Misdemeanours?
    State Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
    Environmental Crimes
    Criminology Work Placement
    Prisons and Imprisonment
    Living with Aliens: Immigration, Crime and Social Control

    Salidas profesionales

    A Criminology degree from Keele opens up a wide range of career options. Many of our graduates have gone on to work in Policing, Prisons, crime reduction, offender rehabilitation, community safety, probation, social work, youth work and similar careers. But studying Criminology at Keele isn’t just about preparing people to work in crime related professions - our focus is on helping our students to become independent critical thinkers, able to analyse complex arguments, concepts and data and contribute to producing real world solutions to real world problems. We offer students the chance to develop a range of skills and abilities that are in demand by employers, not just in criminal justice related jobs, and our track record for graduates going into a broad range of non-crime related jobs also speaks for itself.

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