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Degree in Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication

Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - URJC
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    C/ Quintana, 21
    Madrid 28008
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    240 ECTS
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    Access to official degrees requires holding a high school diploma or equivalent and passing the exam referred to in Article 42 of the Organic Law 6/2001 of Universities, modified in the Law 4/2007 (12 April), taking into account other mechanisms of access foreseen in existing regulations. The maximum number of 1st year students accepted in the academic is: Madrid Campus (Edif. Quintana): 65 places
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
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    Official Title in Degree in Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication


The contents in this degree are directly related with Protocol, as the name of the course indicates (from institutional to business or social protocol); all types of events organization, from the planning to the execution, taking into account all the relevant aspects such as spaces, security, team synergies or the diffusion of the aforementioned.


For full-time students doing an undergraduate degree, the maximum period of time allowed to complete the degree is eight years. Part-time students can request an extension of up to two years from the Rector.
In the degrees that have more than to 240 credits (4 years), the maximum stated in the previous section will be increased by one year for each 60 ECTS that are added to the 240 ECTS.
Students have to pass a minimum of two subjects in the first year. Students who are studying part-time have to pass at least one subject in the first academic year.
Students who are studying an official degree at Rey Juan Carlos University have a maximum of four enrollments in each one of the subjects in the study program, without counting previous cancellations of said subjects.


There is no specific restriction from what is required by the law that regulates access to higher education. However, it would be appropriate that the students of Degree Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication should combine the interest in the organization of acts and events in the field of corporate communication; predisposition for working in group, interest in all the activities of communication; analysis and criticism capacity is also required. It is also necessary individual and group work capacity for the planning and the organization, besides being a self-demand person. It would be appropriate a good training in speaking and writing expression, as well as a medium level of


Once the Degree Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication is finished, the students will be able to:

Apply what the have learn to organize all type of acts, events and ceremonies, taking into account the suitable and corresponding protocols, in public or private institutions as in the business field, in national or international framework.
Thinking, planning and executing a strategic corporate communication plan, which take into account the intangible values and beliefs of the company or institution, its corporate image, its social responsibility and the goals it pretends to achieve. It will be able to plan and execute a crisis communication plan when it is required.
Manage the image and corporate reputation of the company or institution, as well as its control in each one of its performances. Distinguish decorations, flags and treatments and its suitable practical application to the ceremony, act or event.
Know and apply the diplomatic uses, as well as manage the interculturality.
Speak fluently a second language studied to be able to communicate with other people in an organized event or act.
Manage a budget, contracting, finance and sponsorship applying the necessary knowledge.
Write suitable speeches to the different events or acts, depending on the characteristics and participants of the act.
Ability to design and choose the suitable menu, taking into account the participants and their cultural differences.


Economic management and accounting
Ceremonial and nobiliary history
State institutions
Institutional protocol
Information and communication technologies
Ethics and professional deontology
Principles of communication
Basic legal principles
Organizational and industrial psychology

Corporative and institutional communication
International and comparative law
Heraldry, vexillology and premial law
Business and social protocol
Second language 1: chinese or russian
Corporate management of image and brand
Business organization and planning of events and ceremonies
International and comparative protocol
Reputation and corporate responsability
Modern language

Communication and crisis management
Communication and public opinion
Ceremonies and events management. operations
Second language 2: chinese or russian
Web and social networks: design, management and optimisation
Marketing and promotion of events
Organization and team synergy
Communication plan
Production, design and scenography of acts and events

Academic recognition of credits
Practical workshop of organization and planning. corporate volunteering
Management and direction of fairs, congresses and exhibitionS
Communicative skills and spokespersons training
Second language 3: chinese or russian
Internship placement
End of degree project

Salidas profesionales

The professional world is subjected to constant changes. Nowadays, companies and institutions sue profiles that fit their needs.

The most of the companies prefer specialists in corporate communication who are focus on the business communication, knowing how to connect with different publics or multistakeholders.

This profile, combined with a competent training for the organization of all type of protocol acts and events, is the one offered by the Degree Protocol, Organization of Events and Corporate Communication

Protocol is an indispensable training for a communication manager or dircom (communication director), since the knowledge acquired will facilitate the organization and relation with other companies or institutions.


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