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    Julián Romea 18.
    Madrid 28003
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    El Grado se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    -Official Degree in Law issued by CEU San Pablo University -European Law and International Legal Profession Diploma issued by CEU San Pablo University -CEU San Pablo Bilingual Program Diploma


The Degree in Law (European Law and International Legal Profession Diploma) is an initiative of the School of Law of CEU San Pablo in which students receive a specialist training in English related to their official studies.
This unique Program forms part of the CEU Universities’ international vocation and their commitment to the challenges both Spanish and international university systems face with the European Space for Higher Education.


In addition to the regular University access examinations taken by all students, the admission procedure for the Bilingual Degree includes a written English test and a one-to-one interview in English. With these tests, the University can ensure that the students are sufficiently motivated and interested in their future studies. They must also assess whether the students have an appropiate level of English to be able to follow and participate satisfactorily in class, understand the teachers’ explanations, take notes, look for information from additional sources and write assignments and exams satisfactorily.


The Degree in Law (Diploma in International Law) is designed to help our students to acquire a specialist training of excellence in the area of Community Law and, also, the Anglo-Saxon legal system.
Students at CEU San Pablo are given the opportunity of completing their academic education by participating in a highly esteemed International Program.


The Degree in Law (European Law and International Legal Profession Diploma) is a four year degree. In each academic year students are taught a selection of subjects from the Law syllabus (60 ECTS) and, also, a number of subjects, amounting to 30 credits, for the specialist Diploma. At least 12 of these 30 credits are obtained in
foreign languages (students choose two subjects from English, French and German), and the remaining 18 credits are obtained in subjects related to European Union Law and Politics.
Students choosing the Bilingual option must obtain 90 credits in subjects from the Law Degree taught in English, such as those related to European Union Law and Politics. In this way, the Bilingual Degree becomes a highly attractive International Program for student exchanges with European and American Universities.
Students of the Bilingual Degree must stay in an English-, French- or German-speaking University for one semester. This mobility may be carried out during the Degree or the Post-graduate period. In the latter case, the Diploma (bilingual option) will be obtained after completing the mobility.
Students of the European Law and International Legal Profession Diploma may enter any of the University’s post-graduate programs and are guaranteed access to any one of the following three Post-graduate courses:
1) University Master in European Law. This is a joint Program with an American or European University (pending approval).
2) Master in International Business Law (official).
3) Master in International Relations (official).


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