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Four years ago, the School of Humanities and Communication Sciences of CEU San Pablo University started its bilingual programs for the Degrees in Journalism, Media Studies and Advertising and Public Relations, and their simultaneous degrees, with the purpose of offering students who had decided to study these degrees with us the opportunity to develop a profile that would improve their entry into the job market and to acquire professional skills in both English and Spanish.


The admission procedure for the Bilingual Program is the same as that followed by all the students of the School of Humanities and Communication Sciences (a Spanish language test, an essay in Spanish, an English language test and a personal interview) except for the English test, which is pitched at a higher level for students of this program. Moreover, the interview is carried out in English with a lecturer from the School of Humanities and Communication Sciences.
These tests will ensure that students are sufficiently motivated and interested in their future studies. They are also designed to assess whether the students have a high enough level of English to be able to follow and participate satisfactorily in classes taught in this language. Once these criteria have been fulfilled and the admission has been accepted by the Dean of the School, the rest of the procedure is the same as for any student at the University.


The essential objective of bilingual degrees is for students to be able to use the knowledge they acquire in the two languages and, also, to give them the chance of studying in other countries, which is a compulsory part of the contents of these Degrees. An additional benefit is the personal experience of learning how to manage in a country that is not their own and getting to know another
teaching system and university education with a different perspective, in the setting they choose for their stay abroad.


Primer Curso:
Teoría de la Comunicación y de la Información
Escritura para los Medios de Comunicación I
Fundamentos de Arte y Diseño
Fundamentos de Fotografía y Estética
Grandes Libros
Pensamiento Político y Cultural
Historia y Sociedad

Segundo Curso:
Sistema Audiovisual
Narrativa Audiovisual
Escritura para los Medios de Comunicación 2
Fundamentos de Publicidad
Historia Universal Contemporánea
Literatura Contemporánea
Doctrina Social de la Iglesia

Tercer Curso:
Producción en Televisión
Fotografía e Iluminación
Realización Monocámara
Edición no Lineal y Grafismo
Tecnología y Nuevos Medios
Ética y Deontología
Historia Contemporánea de España

Cuarto Curso:
Realización en Televisión
Producción y Realización en Radio
Historia de la Comunicación Audiovisual
Legislación Aplicada
Opinión Pública
Comunicación Política
Trabajo Fin de Grado
Prácticas en Empresas

Total créditos en inglés: 120 ECTS

In our Bilingual Degrees, several subjects in each academic year are taught in English and this is complemented by the students spending at least one semester in a foreign university. To be awarded the bilingual qualification at the end of their studies, students must obtain at least 90 credits from subjects taught in English.
The bilingual syllabus is identical to that of the equivalent degree taught in Spanish, the only difference being hat some subjects are taught in English instead of Spanish. The academic level of the degrees is also the same, based on the premise that English should not pose any additional difficulty for bilingual students.
Students must also take into account that this type of studies will be subject to the same academic requirements as all the other degrees taught at CEU San Pablo University.

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