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English and American Literatures Degree Programme – Grado en Literatura Inglesa y Americana

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    English and American Literatures Degree Programme – Grado en Literatura Inglesa y Americana.


Keele’s programme was a national first in the UK in 2001, and is no widely recognised as the leading course of its type in the country.

Combining the distinctive strengths of English and American Studies, this course explores the contrasts and connections between two major national literary traditions. You’ll develop your critical arguments and technical analysis as you engage imaginatively and intellectually with literary texts from medieval literature to contemporary American graphic novels. You’ll examine the full chronological range of English and American literature, considering their direct intersections from the nineteenth century onwards. You could spend a semester or a whole additional year at a partner university abroad – which might include the USA, Australia, the Netherlands or Canada.


We accept a number of EU and International qualifications for entry to our degree programmes.
Please note that there will normally be English Language requirements for entry to our courses.
Contact us for specific entry requirements for your chosen course and country.


First year

Core modules:
Reading Literature
Starting Out: An Introduction to American Literature
Becoming a Critic
Transatlantic Gothic: Studies in Nineteenth-Century English and American Literatures

Elective modules:
Telling Tales: An Introduction to Narrative Fiction
Poetry Through Practice
Reading Film
A Beginner’s Guide to Contemporary America
Playing Parts: Studying Drama and Poetry
Fiction Through Practice
Approaches to Film
New York, New York: An Introduction to American Culture
The American Past: Explorations in US History

Second year

Core modules:
The Romance of Fiction: History and Society in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
The Age of Shakespeare and Donne
From Modernity to Counterculture: Literature and Social Criticism in Twentieth-Century American Literature
Victorian Performances
Post-War British Fiction and Poetry

Elective modules:
Burning Crosses: Religion and American Culture
Twentieth Century Novels into Films
Aspects of the Novel 1740-1930
Lyrics and the Popular Song
Alfred Hitchcock’s America
The Detective and the American City
Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose
French Cinema
Postwar British Fiction and Poetry
Gender and the Cinematic Gaze
Teenage Dreams: Youth Subcultures in Fiction, Film and Theory
Seoul Summer School: South Korean Film
Writing for the Screen
Medieval Literature
Film Genre, Narrative, and the Star

Third year

Core modules:
Creative Writing Portfolio

Elective modules:
Silence, Strength and Sentiment: Gender and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Words and Pictures: The Contemporary American Graphic Novel
Film Noir: The Dark Side of America
Postcolonial and World Literature in English
Sex, Scandal and Society: Eighteenth-Century Writing
Miners, Monetarism and Movements: Literature, Culture and Politics in the 1980s
Contemporary British Fiction
The Writer as Psychologist: The Great Russian Realists
Shakespeare on Film: Adaptation and Appropriation
Dickens, Collins and Detection
Wild Woods and Wide Worlds: British and American Children’s Fiction
Seoul Summer School: South Korean Film
High Culture: Drink, Drugs, and the American Dream
Postmodernism: Fiction, Film and Theory
The Two Cultures of the Arts and the Sciences
Romantic Voices
The Canadian Metropolis
Shakespearean Stages: Making and Re-Making the Plays of Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
Contemporary American Fiction
James Joyce’s Ulysses
The Alcohol Question
Cinematic Modernisms

Salidas profesionales

English and American Literatures at Keele will provide you with a wide range of skills with real appeal to employers. Some careers may require further study or training, but you might work as a teacher, journalist, editor, librarian, advertising copywriter, solicitor, arts administrator or writer. You could go into marketing, research, broadcasting, publishing, the compiling of dictionaries, or teaching English as a foreign language.

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